What I've Been Up To =)

We went to a pumpkin patch on Sunday; it was a blast! It was such a nice, old-fashioned place. And Steven had a coupon from Groupon to get a hayride and 2 pumpkins for $8 or something like that. My husband is better at couponing than me lol!

Kaylee loved feeding and petting the chickens, goats, and cows. They are SO friendly because they are treated really well. They are pets and the owner told me they stay there their whole lives and aren't ever eaten. The way they earn their keep is just to be friendly so the visitors can feed and pet them. I usually feel bad for farm animals but these seemed really happy.

They had tractors made by the company Steven works for, made in 1970!! Still up a running, one of them pulled the hayride!

We also saw some neat bugs (and a spider)...

Kaylee thought the wagon we used to get our stuff back to the car was pretty neat. She wanted to ride in it, then pull it herself. We spent a half an hour just doing that!

We decided Kaylee was too tired to do the corn maze, maybe next time. Sure enough, as soon as we left, she was knocked out!

But we had a lot of fun together and came home with a lot of goodies without spending too much money, so it was a good day. =) The owner even gave us some free squash!!

It was so nice to spend the weekend together as a family after Steven working all week! <3

Then on Monday, we had a very boring day. Steven was working, there was no where to go (and no way to get there), and the cable bill wasn't paid so we had no TV or internet! I had a sort of realization that we needed to cut back on tv time for Kaylee because without tv she was in a better mood and we had a lot of fun playing and reading. She was also more agreeable when I asked her to do something and went down for her nap earlier and without protesting! So I've decided no more tv in the mornings.

Tuesday, we spent the day in Silver Spring visiting my grandma and brothers. It was nice to see everyone. Kaylee fell asleep on the way home, stayed asleep when I carried her inside, and slept right through the night. I was very pleased about that. Steven had come home last night and even though we tidied up the house and went straight to sleep, I was very happy he was there. It's nice just to have him in the house, I sleep better. I think he will be gone until Saturday afternoon now. =( But I'm glad he'll be back in time to celebrate the Jewish New Year with us. Rosh Hashanah is actually today and tomorrow but we're celebrating on Saturday. We're just going to say a few prayers, light some candles, and have dinner at my Grandma's house with my family. I'm making dinner with Grandma. She usually insists on doing all the cooking herself on holidays because only she can do it right, but she's starting to have a desire to teach me to cook. I hope I can be helpful and not mess anything up!


How fun.

I can't wait to go to a Pumpkin Patch!
simona said…
this looks like so much fun, seems like kaylee had a blast!
we just took my nephew to see some animals and he loved it. i think it'll be even more fun the older he gets!

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