Why I'm Still Breastfeeding =)

Since I am asked this quite often, I figured I'd share the reasons that I'm still breastfeeding my 2 and a half year old!

1. I love hearing the question, "She's still breastfeeding?" over and over and over from everyone I meet, even if they asked me this question last month.

2. I enjoy the looks I get from strangers when my child yells, "BOOBS! NOW!" in public. I find this kind of attention amusing and entertaining.

3. I like having an energetic, acrobatic toddler latched onto a sensitive part of my body while I'm trying to do my homework so that I accidentally keep writing 'ouch' instead of the word I was trying to.

4. I want to remain tethered to my child forever, unable to leave her for more than 3 hours lest she start wailing for her nursies.

5. I want to raise her to be dependent on me forever so that she never leaves me to go to college because then I will be lonely.

6. I'm too cheap to buy her real food and drinks. And too lazy to prepare anything.

7. I'm trying to break a record for longest breastfed child in my family. My mother currently holds this record, she breastfed me for 7 years! Maybe if I beat that, I can go for the world record! What is that, 12? Cool!

8. I am an exhibitionist. Breastfeeding in public is a great chance for me to "accidentally" show off some boobage! =D

9. I like confrontation. I always hope a restaurant manager or pool employee will ask me to leave their premises so I can cuss them out.

10. I have always had this secret desire to get arrested. I'm not sure what the laws are where I live but I hear it's becoming illegal to breastfeed your 2 year old in some areas. Awesome, now I don't have to rob a bank, just give my kid a quick comfort nurse and bam, my dream can come true!

Nursing on vacation in Mexico!


Camille said…
i commend you!

i would like to make it to a year with out little sweetness. who knows though...she is awfully stuck on it ;).

i think it is so important to show off breastfeeding. too many people now think its weird or abnormal. guess what!! its the natural way so get over it!

my daughter is only 5 months and i get looks out in public. really?!

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Mrs. T said…
way to promote breastfeeding!!!!! :)
TwinsWithTots said…
love this and ahhh, your sarcasm is so appreciated. You keep on rockin' and rollin' along with that little one and enjoy this time. It will be over in no time.
Following you and hope you will check us out at too http://twinswithtots.blogspot.com/
Shell said…
People will say all sorts of crazy things, won't they?

I bf my oldest for 2.5 years. :) My other two not as long... mama was tired and they were done.
Candida said…
I feel like people like to comment on your breastfeeding a lot.. :)


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Camilleta said…
Thanks for the encouragement everyone, I really appreciate it! =)
Glo Sews said…
Although my children are all grown now, memories of them when they were young and breastfeeding are so dear to my heart. You keep it up as long as the two of you are both comfortable with it. My youngest is 25 and my oldest is 37, it was kind of frowned upon back then too. I was the first one of my sisters to breastfeed and mom never did. It is natural and loving and I am so glad that I did.
Thanks for stopping by my blogs today and for following me. Have a great day and keep up the good work!
DazzleMea said…
Hehehe! Loved it! I too got the questions of "You're still breastfeeding?" But my son was maybe 6 months old. I've always wanted to make it to two years but they self-weaned. Major congrats! ^_^

(Just found your blog through The Tuesday Train)
Hahaha, I loved reading your reasons.

BOOBS! NOW! haha

Krystyn said…
Sarcasm at it's finest! I love it!

And, "boobs now!" That's awesome!
Ama_La_Notte said…

I love this post! I still get weird looks when people ask me how old my son is when I mention I'm breastfeeding. And my son is ONLY 11 months old. I hope he doesn't decided to wean me too soon! And yes I do mean me :) I would miss it too much if he decided to stop.
DazzleMea said…
I feel the same way about it too. I know my son had his favorites (specifically a Dora blanket)... Superpoints is kinda like Swagbucks, but invite only. You earn your points through completing surveys, offers, watching videos, and the Super Lucky Button. I rather enjoy it. It's a good way to kill some time and earn possible free stuff. =)
Working Mommy said…
Good for you - I am the total opposite since I didn't breastfeed at all!

Mama Campbell said…
That's an awesome list! I LOVE nursing a toddler since they can tell you how much they love nursing. Instant thanks & gratification rock IMO. And I also love how nursing can solve most, if not all of toddler's problems.! way to go mama!

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