World Milk Sharing Week

It's World Milk Sharing Week and I just wanted to show my support!

I think that breastmilk should be readily available and an acceptable alternative to direct breastfeeding, if the mother desires. If more people found out about mother to mother milk sharing, and it became more normalized, a lot more people would participate in it. I personally wish I had known about it when I first had my daughter because we had to supplement with formula for a few months. Later on, after we got my daughter off bottles and cured a bad case of thrush, I had an abundant supply. I wish I had known about milk sharing then so I could donate. Since my daughter has been weaning herself, I am not producing enough to donate right now. But we are currently trying to conceive, so hopefully I will be able to donate in the future!

This is an essay I wrote in college on the importance of breastfeeding and breastmilk. It has a section in it about milk sharing.

I hope milk donation becomes more common as time goes on, it's an absolutely wonderful thing! =)


Kim said…
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Amy @ Anktangle said…
I hope milksharing becomes more common and less taboo, too! The more we write and talk about it, the more common it will become. Thanks so much for helping out with the cause!

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