The Cure For Eczema!

I have had eczema for 23 years and I think I've finally found the cure. Amber and hazelwood jewelry!

My best treatment for eczema was this: Cream-wise - hydrocrotisone (cream not ointment) after a shower, Aveeno applied right after the hydrocrotisone, Hemp lotion throughout the day if I got dry or itchy, Aquaphor before bed. Pill-wise - I took Vitamin E and Fish Oil, a non-drowsy allergy medicine in the morning, and a drowsy allergy medicine at night. Diet-wise - I did not eat dairy. I had known that was a trigger since I was a baby so I was raised without dairy. Then, I was constantly trying to figure out if there was another food trigger, and tried countless times to pinpoint it by doing elimination diets, without success. I literally lived on fruit and veggies for a while, I was so desperate.

Anyway, although I had it more in control than I had my entire life, it still wasn't completely gone. I always had a patch somewhere, and if I sweat, I'd get an outbreak. This inhibited my social life, my confidence in general, and my ability to exercise and keep in good shape. I dreaded going to school because I knew people would judge me and I in fact had been asked what it was twice in my first semester. It was mortifying. I couldn't see ever getting a job and working with people confidently so I was actively looking for a career path that let me not be seen by people on a regular basis. How sad is that?

Just when I had given up hope, about a year ago, I began to see suggestions on my natural and crunchy parenting forums. Apparently, some kids had success with amber and/or hazelwood jewelry. I was skeptical. I ignored it for months. Then I read a particularly convincing testimony in June of this year. I decided to Google it and see how much they costed. I was surprised to find a pretty amber and hazelwood bracelet for $15 at I figured, it can't hurt. If it doesn't work, I will still wear it, because it looks nice.

So I ordered it and started wearing it during the day. I switched wrists every day. I began to see improvement but I was pretty skeptical. I just didn't see how the little bracelet could have any relation to the eczema clearing up, especially on my face. It was nowhere near my face. But after 3 weeks, my rashes and redness were completely cleared up. I was in awe. I became more confident, started exercising, and went shopping for new clothes. I just bought a new purse yesterday. I love going out and not feeling like everyone is staring, wondering if I'm contagious, or feeling sorry for me. Or just kids, staring because they don't know better, just because I look different. I hated that. I have a daughter so I naturally smile at children, and they would just stare at my odd red-splotched face, hardly ever smiling back.

My dog chewed up my bracelet. My eczema has not come back yet because once it's gone, it's a lot easier to keep away than to get it to go away in the first place. That is because most people with eczema have a staff infection in their skin and that's the reason it's so tough to heal. I don't know for sure but I have a theory that since hazelwood supposedly absorbs poison, that maybe it somehow neutralizes the staff infection, and that's what allows the skin to heal itself. But I don't know how it truly works. All I know is, I am getting a break out on my arm, which is proving hard to contain. So I will probably be ordering another one. I will definitely take some before and after pictures so this will be more believable. But all I can say is, I believe in this 100%. I saw it work when nothing else had. And since I was so skeptical, I hardly believe it could have been mind over matter.

Right now I am just trying to decide whether I want to order from again or another place. I know Hazelaid's stuff really works, but I was thinking I'd look for something with a different kind of band. My last bracelet was made of some sort of plastic or something, which stretched out over time. It's a great product for the price, but I wouldn't mind spending a bit more money this time around.


Clumsy Coquette said…
Thanks for the tip! I don't have eczema everywhere, but it is on my arms. I think I will have to try out one of these bracelets.

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