Did You Know Ibuprofen Is Dangerous While Pregnant?

I just came across this article. I suddenly found myself trying to remember if I had taken Ibuprofen in the few weeks I was pregnant, before I found out. I know I had recently, but couldn't remember how many weeks ago it was. Could this be what caused my miscarriage? I just don't know... But I thought I would pass this on.


bonz said…
just to be safe with every medicine you take, ask your OB-GYNE first before taking it.

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Camilleta said…
Yes, definitely! I did not take anything during my pregnancy with my daughter except antibiotics once! I was so careful. Only wish I would have known I was pregnant this last time but I had a negative pregnancy test, I guess it was false negative. =( Still, I should have been more careful, just in case!!
Krystyn said…
Yeah, I knew this one was on there because I get headaches during pregnancy and always had to take tylenol which doesn't work as well, but not worth the risk.

I'm sad your doctor didn't tell you not to take it.

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