Exercise Update >=(

Since I got a bunch of healthy food to eat and have tried to start dieting for the first time in my life, I have actually GAINED weight. I knew there was a reason I didn't diet. This is what I think happened. I thought it was healthier so I thought I could eat more of it. Or maybe since I was trying not to eat as much I suddenly felt deprived and ate more than than usual. Or maybe I was just being a pig, but I prefer to blame it on something that sounds more complicated and justified.

I don't actually own a scale, because I think it would just depress me. And I MIGHT get obsessed with it and start weighing myself after every bite of food or something. But yeah, all my jeans are tight. I am so depressed! Why does getting thin have to involve dieting?! Why can't it be the other way around? As I'm sitting here eating my yogurt, I start to just feel the pounds melt away with every bite... That would be awesome.

And like, I have been exercising. But I just realized... I get more out of breath and sweaty from doing the chores. Hmm, maybe I can count chores as a work out? And then there is my *actual* work out... 100 jumping jacks, with many rest pauses, because Kaylee keeps trying to run through my legs. Then 100 sit ups, while Kaylee pretends to be an airplane flying on my shins. 20 push ups, while I ask (aka bribe and beg) Kaylee not to jump on my back, making me collapse and get the air knocked out of me. That happened a while ago and it was not pleasant. She doesn't look it but that kid weighs 30 pounds!

I am not always motivated to do that work out so sometimes I compromise and run laps around my living room. I don't know if that counts. But with Steven gone all the time for his new job, I don't have time for my bff Jillian Michaels. I need to make time... Cuz this ain't working! Have I mentioned Kaylee has asked me when the baby is coming out while patting my belly? Then she told me to call her on her cell phone if the baby was coming. I've been called fat before, but never so elaborately! And no, my 2 year old does not have a cell phone. I don't know how she came up with that.

I'm going to start doing "Weekly Weigh-in" every Sunday. I will upload a disgusting picture of myself and the fact that everyone can see it will motivate me to improve by next Sunday so I have a less disgusting picture to upload. Then I will invite everyone to link up their fitness posts so I can see how great they are doing and feel like crap about myself. Wait... This plan doesn't sound as good as it did in my head.


Nicola said…
Hahaha I have to laugh at your plan about less disgusting photos. But I'm SURE they're not disgusting, don't be so hard on yourself, live up to your go with the flow name. You'll get there :-)


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