I Don't Feel Like Talking

So I'll just do a Wordless Sunday. It doesn't have as much of a ring to it but just say it a few times, it'll grow on you.

My family.




Arie Berry.

My handsome boy.

My loyal Molly girl.

Nursing. =)

She rarely settles down and actually nurses anymore. I never know when our last long session will be, this could be it.

I straightened my hair and actually don't look like crap. Yes, it's so rare that I took a picture. xP


I know the feeling with nursing. Willow is done now and she was the same way. I was really upset when she stopped nursing because she is my first to nurse and my last child. It made me sad to see it end.
Party Of Four said…
Yay for nursing!! My son was done at 13 months, it was harder on me then him. But our new one, I have a feeling he'll be latched on forever. ;) Love your blog, returning the follow.

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