If You Ever Start Thinking This Is A "Perfect Mommy Blog"

Here are some of the things that have happened this week.

I told Kaylee to clean up her popsicle stick that she had thrown on the floor. A minute later, "Mommy, I cleaned everything up!" She had thrown her popsicle stick away. And everything in the recycling bin. And her sippy cup. And my pad of paper and pen. -_- Yay for going through the trash!

So I saw Kaylee holding my chapstick and took it away. It was empty. "Did you eat this?" "Yes." Great. I knew it was probably edible but I had to be sure so I went next door to ask my mom if she thought I should call poison control. She said no, so after we went home, I was still freaking out about her eating, then stepped in a gob of it and slipped and fell on my butt. Once I realized what it was, I was relieved, because that meant she couldn't have eaten much of it. But I was still on the verge of calling poison control and crying the rest of the day.

Another example of me severely underestimating how long her arms are because I put something on the table and I think it's too far back for her to get it... I hear Kaylee gulping something behind me, turn around to see what it is because I didn't think she could be gulping from a sippy cup, and she has my tea. My caffeinated tea. And she has just chugged the last half of it. Yeah, no nap that day...

I laid down with her to take our nap and I fell straight asleep. She apparently got up, opened her arts and crafts drawer, and drew all over the carpet with marker. Then climbed up on my dresser and said something about how she couldn't get my earrings off my earring board thingy. That woke me up and I got her down thinking, great now she can climb up on my dresser! -_- Then I was surprised to find the marker later because I thought I had dozed off only for the amount of time it took her to climb up there. I haven't managed to get it out yet.

She came over to nurse and usually she does not nurse for long so I figured, ok I will nurse her for a few minutes then go pee. She decided this would be a long session. I was starting to wonder if she had decided to start breastfeeding back up in full force and she was determined to get my supply back up this very minute. I told her I had to pee, and she just laughed. Still latched, yes she has skills. I said, I'm going to pee my pants. More laughter. I asked her, please, can I go pee, I will come *right* back! More laughter, and I told her it wasn't funny. She laughed so hard that she accidentally bit me. My left nipple is still sore. I pretty much never want to breastfeed from it again.

This is not a particular incident but we can never ever watch a movie together unless it is Care Bears. And only a certain one. Right now, she likes this one from like the 80s. Which was neat the first time because I remembered watching it as a kid. But not the next hundred times. Now I constantly have this song stuck in my head. "Nobody cares like a bear!" It makes me want to rip a Care Bear's head right off. Haven't you ever wondered if they are real live animals or stuffed animals? I have, and I think that would be a good way to find out.

My husband has a new job with more than an hour commute time and he stays overnight up to 4 nights a week. I can not drive and there's nothing within walking distance around here. Let me put it simply for you, we're going crazy here! Especially rainy days when we can't go play outside!! Can not WAIT for this kid to start school. We are still waiting for the school to open because it's a brand new location. They originally told us they were hoping to get their government approval to open by October 1 but needless to say, that didn't happen! And to think I was dreading her going to school then. I thought I would miss her too much and have a breakdown. Well, I think I'm just about ready to let go on that first day now. =P


Sara said…
Awwww man! You had a rough day! Hope tomorrow is a lot better!
Lindsay said…
Wow, what a day! Good thing she didn't eat that chapstick. That would freak me out all day! I hate being stuck indoors when it rains.
Mikki said…
Some days a diamond, some days a stone!

You are listed as this week's Fine feathered friend, my friend. So please get signed up as soon as you can!

Malia said…
stopping by for the blog hop! now following...

Michelle said…
Congrats on being the fine feathered friend! Following from the blog hop!
Holy matrimony you must have been stressed. You've got a lot going on, good luck with everything!
Rosann said…
Lol! Sorry you had such a bad day. But thanks for sharing it in such detail. I have a 2 yr old who loves to throw things in the trash for me. But lately she's been "dumpster diving." In other words, I'll say "Abby, can you throw this wrapper away for mommy?" and she'll smile and say "suwe!" The next thing I know she's walking back to me with some of her crumpled up artwork that I had thrown away earlier that day in her hands, near tears and grumbling "mommy, you can't thwow away my bwutiful awt!!" ugh!! I had it buried under other trash...how did she find it?!!


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