Looks Like We Hit Another Milestone...

Going to bed all by herself in her own bed!

Steven's having horrible allergies tonight and was snoring and sniffling. Kaylee couldn't seem to get to sleep with the noise, so I took her out to her bed. I tucked her in and said goodnight but of course, that was a no go. She just realized she was starving. As usual, she's somehow unable to eat anything for 2 hours before bedtime and then when I put her to bed, bam, she eats enough to fill me up. Twice. So yeah, I gave her some milk, juice, cheese, and goldfish. I TRIED to feed her soup first, but she wouldn't eat that. -_- Here comes the surprising part... (Okay, keep in mind that this is a spoiled kid. We did attachment parenting, possibly to the extreme.) Bedtime, attempt 2. I put her in bed, told her to call me if she needed another goodnight hug, so she wouldn't feel abandoned. I fully expected another hour of her calling me back and whining until I finally patted her back and sang to her as she tried to crawl into my lap miserably until she finally passed out. That is not what happened. She was out like a light. I was so shocked, I swear I didn't know what to do. I felt like going in and poking her, hahah! Like a 2 and a half year old is capable of playing a joke like that. Well, I was just in disbelief. If you want a little background, Kaylee slept in a bassinet when I brought her home from the hospital. I was paranoid about being a good parent, both in my baby's eyes and in everyone else's eyes. I'd get up, nurse her in a sitting up position so I would not fall asleep with her, then put her back in the bassinet. It was a rule that I never broke. Until she got to be older, then I switched her to the crib. Then I began to slowly became more lax. As I became a more confident mother, we ended up starting to bed-share, because it seemed the easiest thing to do. Then when she turned 2, we got her a big kid bed. I started putting her to bed there. Then I got lazy because it was too hard to put her to bed in her own bed. It took forever and I would have to pat her back, sing to her, comfort her, listen to her tell me how much she wanted to be in our bed, etc. It was exhausting so I was just like... Ok, I'm going to plop you in our bed now, and go to sleep, because I am freaking tired. And she'd curl up next to me and go to sleep. Much easier, so I gave up on her bed. But I keep learning that in parenting, kids will do things when THEY are ready. And I think she is truly ready to be in a big kid bed now. I am glad I let her do it in her own time. I love the fact that even though I have "spoiled" her in every way, she is independent, confident, and secure. I always wondered if I was spoiling her but now I know I should have trusted my instincts all along. She is growing up at her own pace, not on my schedule. And I hope I never lose my trust in that fact. Of course, it's a bittersweet moment... My baby is now 3 feet tall, 30 pounds, will be 3 years old in a few months, and now doesn't need me to get her to sleep anymore. I love seeing her grow and can't wait to see who she will become as she gets older... But part of me just wants to hold her as a baby forever and ever.

We will see if it's just a fluke tomorrow... Then I will take back all of that sentimental crap. Just kidding! ;)


Hi!. Following you through SSS :). Hope to see you around my place sometime ;). BTW...Congrats on the milestone - isn't it great when they go to bed all by themselves?!?!
Katie said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining the blog hop i am now following you back

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