[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday!

First day of school!

New backpack from Mommom!

They send home a Toddler Activity Report every day. =)

Wore herself out at school.

Telling Geegee all about her first day.

She wanted a "small cup" for her grape juice... Now it looks like wine lol!

Playing outside. This autumn's theme song is "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry.

Happy that I've released her back into the wild.

Wearing a shirt my mom made when she had her tie-dye business.

Rain gear!

So grouchy on the way to her second day of school.

She really didn't want to wake up that early. We're still working on the whole schedule thing.


Welcome to another episode of The Funny Sleeping Positions of Kaylee.

This is the best one yet.
We had a rule about only having the toys out of one drawer at a time. I don't know what happened to it.
Playing with her many baby dolls.
The triplets: Favorite Baby, Bottle Baby, and Bedtime Baby. Hahah!


Toyin O. said…
Adorable pictures:)
Lindsay said…
I love these pictures! My favorite is the one of her sleeping on the couch, with her legs hanging over. My son calls his great-grandma GG, too! :)
Krystyn said…
Rules? For toys? Same thing happens in our house!

Love the sleeping positions and findings! Hopefully, she adjusts to school and the new schedule a little better.

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