My Baby's First Day Of School!

After manically making all the preparations I could think of yesterday afternoon, and staying up all night because of nervousness, we took Kaylee to her first day of school an hour ago. She dove right into playing and to look at the kids, you'd never know it was their first day. (Today was the first day this school was open, it's a brand new location.) I just called to check on her and she's doing great. It's snack time and I'm told she was eating, which is a relief because she refused to eat breakfast. She hasn't cried yet and it's been an hour so that's very reassuring! I'm still freaking out about the rest of the day. And I'm so mad at myself because I forgot to take pictures this morning before we left. But she was very cranky because she just woke up, so they wouldn't have been the best pictures anyway. I thought of taking some when we were there, but I was trying not to get emotional or make a big deal out of it. I think the way we left, with a casual 'see you soon,' was really the best way to go about it. I thought about telling her that if she needed me, to just tell the teacher and I would come back and get her, but I decided to just keep it as low key as possible and not give her any negative ideas. If she cries and they can't cheer her up pretty quickly, they promised they would call. So I know everything is fine, but I just have so many mixed feelings about her making it through the whole 4 hours. I want her to, but I don't want us to be disappointed if she doesn't. And I have this dreading feeling that she's going to suddenly realize she hasn't seen me for a long time and launch into a huge tantrum. But I'll try to stay positive. I guess I'll go get some cleaning done and maybe watch tv. (How weird will that be?!) I feel like I'm in nap mode, because there's no toddler around, so I keep thinking she must be sleeping. I keep trying to be as quiet as possible, hahah!


Lindsay said…
Aww that's so great that she didn't cry. I think I'd be the one to cry on my son's first day of school. It must feel weird without her around you.
Becky said…
I've found the separation is almost always harder on the mama than on the kiddo. Hope it went great - for both of you!!

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