Nap, Bedtime, and Weaning Progress

So instead of putting Kaylee down for a nap in any of the ways I was planning to earlier, I ended up just going to Costco with my mom. Didn't expect Kay to actually fall asleep in the car and sleep the entire time we were shopping, but that she did! Silly me to be worried about her taking a nap lol. Then she went to bed at 9, which is great. Not in her own bed, she wanted to sleep with Daddy. Until his work schedule changes, I figure I'll just let her if she insists on it. She misses him so much with him being gone so much for his new job. I'd move her to her bed after she falls asleep but she does the cutest thing in the night if she wakes up in our bed. Whenever I hear her waking up, I go in and stand by the door and see if she's going to resettle herself or needs some back-patting. When Steven is here, she just reaches over and lays her hand on him, then goes back to sleep. She never does that with me, it's their special thing. It's adorable. It generally means I have to sleep on the couch but oh well. It's pretty comfy and I can watch tv until I fall asleep, which is awesome.

I'm really hoping Kaylee is sleeping in her own bed reliably and mostly weaned by the time I get pregnant. As a person who mostly attachment parents, people are surprised to hear me say that. Some people in my life don't really agree with that. But I think we're ready and I don't plan on forcing her to do those things. I want to gently ease into them slowly. She's already night-weaned herself and cut back on nursing. She has slept in her bed pretty well since she turned 2. That is all her. Now I just want to encourage it more, so I can make pregnancy easier on myself, since we are TTC. Is that too much to ask for? Is it really that unfair? Last time I got pregnant, Kaylee was still nursing quite a bit. My milk supply pretty much disappeared as soon as I got pregnant. I'd rather wean her gently now than have her go through that shock AGAIN. It was hard on her the first time. Not to mention that I realized nursing while pregnant HURT and I'd rather not deal with it again. Also, I have always been an advocate of nursing while pregnant and then tandem breastfeeding, and I don't think it causes miscarriage. But having gone through a miscarriage recently, can you blame me for wanting to be extra careful this time around? And since my daughter is almost 3, I don't feel it's "premature weaning." Yes, I had hoped to self-wean, but I think I'm just speeding up the process, only by a little.

With my family's "crunchy" values, and society's/in laws "silky" expectations, sometimes I feel pulled in 2 directions. But I need to do what's best for my family, regardless of whether it's not completely natural or mainstream. Obviously I can never please both sides anyway, so why try? Hopefully the people in my life will accept me anyway and get over it if they disagree with my parenting decisions. And who cares about society? Maybe Kaylee will bed-share, and maybe I will put my foot down about her sleeping in her own bed. Maybe I will wean her, but it's possible I will keep nursing and end up tandeming a 4 year old and a newborn. Darn us "scrunchy" parents, we are so darn unpredictable!

If anyone has any weaning or sleep-training tips, I'm completely open! I'm not one of those people who resents advice. =) All parents, from the most natural to the most mainstream, both have great advice to give. I truly believe that. We should all learn to stop "taking sides" and participating in "the mommy wars" and just try to learn from and support each other!


Lindsay said…
My son sleep in the bed with us and he'll be 3 in December. We are working on getting him a new bed soon and have been slowly introducing the idea to him. I always told myself that I wouldn't let my child sleep in the same bed, but I guess it's different when you have a cute little baby in the bed with you. haha! I'd say embrace it as long as you can!
Kortney said…
Thanks so much for linking up with us to do some fun Super Stalking!!! Hope to see you again next weekend!!
Kortney @ Kortney's Krazy Life!

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