NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can't fix things in your life. Then other times, it seems like just when you've quit trying, everything seems to just work itself out! These times remind me that determination goes hand-in-hand with faith. We should never give up but also realize than when we've done all we can, we just need to wait for a different toss of the die for everything to turn around! Every day is a brand new day. =)

Anyway, enough of that inspirational crap. (JK. ;) I have some EXCITING NEWS!! Things are looking up around here and part of the reason is... My mom and I have started her old business back up! It was named after me and due to the old fan base, I guess we can't change it. It makes me feel so weird to run a business named after myself, but I guess I can't rename it after my own daughter, anyway. It's called Camille's Cotton Clothes and if we renamed it, it would be called Kaylee's Kotton Klothes? Other than the fact that spelling things wrong on purpose goes against my OCD, that would be KKK for short, and uh, that's a no-no. Doubley so because we are Jewish, hahah. ^^; Yes, my family is messed up... We found that *quite* funny.

We have not ordered any of the supplies needed to start the business yet, but I did put up a Facebook fan page and an Etsy account. =) I'm trying to figure out what everyone wants to see us start off with selling, because we want to start small. I already have a few requests for baby clothes and women's dresses. Add in your opinion, even if you're not looking to order. I don't care if tie-dye is your thing or not, feel free to add a comment saying what you think I should sell. =) Or any other suggestions are welcome, seriously! And before you write tie-dye off, for real, you should see some of the stuff! (On the fan page's photo album.) It's literally wearable art. My mom calls it wearable fun but she just doesn't realize how much of a wonderful artist she is!

The best part of this is my mom hand-dyes each piece with love. It's important to her (and now, me too!) to only use hypo-allergenic cotton, styles of clothing she has tried out on herself and kids, and fair-trade/made in America. We are probably going Organic this time around! We are not in this to make money... My mom has the passion to create things, be artistic, make friends, and share wholesome clothing. I just have a general passion for baby clothes! It's more of an obsession or addiction, really. ;) We're going to make a great team, I can't wait!! We both hope this will be a positive thing in our lives, especially because this time it doesn't have to be about the money. When my mother first started this business, she was a single mom raising 2 kids on the income from it! But now we are not that desperate for money, and can't wait to have some fun! =D


oomph. said…
this sounds like an awesome venture! it'll be a whole different feel doing this for fun now and not the money. very exciting...can't wait to see what pops up in the shop!

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Live*Laugh*Love said…
Hey I tried following you but some maintence with the site, but would love for you to follow me than I can follow you when it's not being "crazy" lol thanks so much :) have a great day!!!

Lindsay said…
That sounds so exciting and fun! Congratulations and good luck. I love shopping on Etsy!

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