Random Rambling

I have been having a bad few days... Been pretty depressed. So glad I'm beginning to snap out of it! I feel bad because I treated my husband like crap. =( Now I'm just trying to focus on things that make me happy... My daughter did not cry when I dropped her off at school today. Major happy moment for me when she said, "Have a good day, Mommy," as I left. And my first prenatal appointment is tomorrow. I get to find out my due date! I'm pretty excited. Hopefully I will start to feel better and things will start to resolve themselves. I just hate waiting and wondering. With my husband's job transfer up in the air, I am going crazy not knowing whether he is going to start working close to home. I NEED him now, even more than before, now that I am pregnant. It already makes me cry when I have to tell Kaylee that Daddy will be home soon, when it won't be for days... And trying to take care of a newborn when I am in that emotional state seems like it will be just awful.

Happy Halloween, all! I can't wait to dress Kaylee up as an adorable kitten and go trick-or-treating later. =)


I hope hings get better for you soon. I always take it out on my husband, too, as much as I try not to. The good thing about husbands being away is that we can't treat them like crap as much.

Does your blog have a new look or did I miss it last time I stopped by? I love the spring feel and your new button. All ready for a new beginning!

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