A Day With My Family

Yesterday, my mom and I were supposed to go to Kaylee's school to pick up some paperwork. As we were leaving, my mom tells me that we have to clean off the windshield before we can go because my little brother drew some inappropriate pictures in chocolate on it. My first reaction was, Why did he waste perfectly good chocolate?! Mom laughed, but I was serious. Anyway, I cleaned it off with a wipe but Mom insisted on going back inside and getting a streak-free window wipe, then had to go BACK in because she forgot her keys. By the time we finally left, we were running late of course. We got there, got the paperwork, which by the way we needed because we had lost the last folder they gave us, and went onto pick up some coffee. Even though we were already running late, Mom decided she really needed it, and it would only take 5 minutes. She also decided stopping at a donut place instead of a drive-thru or 7 Eleven would for some reason be a preferable idea. So we went in and instead of ordering, started talking to this guy who was there with his 3 year old son. Kaylee and the little boy started running around and playing. Mom finally ordered, then proceeded to ask what the little boy's first... last... and MIDDLE name was, blaming it on ME, saying that I was obsessed with baby names. Yes, I am, but I don't generally act all creepy and stalkerish by asking random people their child's ENTIRE name hahah. We said goodbye and went back to the car and as we were getting in, I mentioned that it probably sounded weird that she asked the boy's entire name. She replied, "Oh, if you want to stalk someone, you really need the parent's name, not the kid's name, because the kid doesn't have any records yet!" or something along those lines. And just as she was saying that, I realized that the man was getting into his car, right next to ours. I was like, "Mom, I'm pretty sure he's getting our plate number right now and is going to report us," which she thought was extremely funny.

Ok. So then we got home and picked up my little brother Zeke, who was mad because we were running late (are we ever not?!) and he had a baseball game to get to. We headed off to pick my grandma up from the doctor (50 minute drive). Kaylee decided she would not nap the whole way there even though it was her nap time. We got Grandma, then Mom dropped Grandma, Kaylee, and me back at Grandma's house, and went to take Zeke to his baseball game. I tried to get Kaylee to nap again but she was too excited to hang out with Grandma and my other brother, Harry (he lives with my grandma). We do go there at least once a week but Harry's often at work so we don't see him very much. I ended up falling asleep and woke up to Kaylee telling me she had a poop accident. I put her in the bath and Grandma came in and handed her a toy, which she got poop on. Then Grandma picked up her clothes, which had poop on them. I told Grandma to wash her hands with soap and she acted like she was just doing it to humor me. -_- When I was finished cleaning everything up, we went to the grocery store. Grandma asked if I needed anything and I tried to say no but she ended up buying me a bunch of stuff. She got Kaylee new bath toys and a doll. (This is like her 15th doll?) So that was nice of her, and in case the next part sounds like I'm not a grateful grand-daughter, I really am, I promise!

So we were finishing up shopping and Grandma decides she's going to open the cheese. She rips the WRONG SIDE open, and as I'm trying to explain about the ziplock side, she just laughs at me like I'm ridiculous. I give up and try to close it up so the cheese doesn't fall out while we're shopping. I ask her if we can get muffins and she says sure, and throws them in the back. They all fall out and she squishes them back in. The germs of her hands, the cart, and the fact that they are now smushed just about gives me a panic attack so I put them back and get a different package. Bad me. Anyway, we are checking out. I was telling her that she doesn't need to get Kaylee everything she wants and that I'll pay her back for the stuff she bought us. She brushed me off and I was like, seriously, she's going to be spoiled. And Grandma goes, "Well, I spoiled you, and I will spoil her, and if you don't like it..." she trails off and starts to try and hit me with the cheese. Then the cashier tells us there is a problem and they are shutting down and to go to a different line. She probably just didn't want to deal with us. When we left, she insisted on pushing the cart, even though she said she felt weak. She has a freaking collapsed lung due to cancer and she still won't let me push the cart, plus I had to fight her to carry the groceries upstairs to her apartment. Oh and kept having to stop her from pushing the cart into people and behind cars that were pulling out, which she was completely oblivious to and kept pushing me off as if I was just hanging onto the cart to be annoying.

I ate 3 muffins for dinner because I am afraid to use any dishes in her house. She doesn't load the dish washer right and as I was emptying it for her, I saw that they were literally all still dirty. I tried to convince her to rewash them but she said, "No, that thing runs for an hour, so they must all be clean! Put them away!" Anyway, Kaylee refuses to eat any sort of dinner and starts running around, singing really loudly, and acting nutty. Mom finally gets back to pick us up at like 9pm. Kaylee falls asleep on the way home, THANK GOD. And she slept through the ride and then through the night. That part was pretty awesome. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and luckily Steven let me sleep in this morning. I only woke up when he was leaving for work. It was just so amazing, I can't even tell you. As much as I hate his hours for many reasons, they do have their perks. Or at least one perk anyway, I forgot how much I absolutely love sleeping in!

I grew up in this chaos that is The Schoenbergs! But I'm not as used to it anymore, that's for sure, because one day like that leaves me emotionally and physically EXHAUSTED!


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