Random Blather

Today feels more like Spring than it does Fall... I have the window open and we went outside barefoot this morning.

Then I discovered Pinterest... And that's what I have been doing since then. 0=)

My mom brought me a delicious berry smoothie which I'm sharing with Kaylee right now while I sign up for some blog hops. If she eats nothing else today, at least this thing has fruits, veggies, and protein powder in it.

I'm psyching myself up not to do my regular evening binging and ruin my day of eating healthy and exercising. Wow, now I really sound like I have an eating disorder. I don't think I do, I just tend to overeat at night...

I've decided on my top 5 names for a boy and top 5 names for a girl. No, I'm not pregnant. Just... TTC and neurotic. =) I want to ask Steven what he thinks but I'm afraid he'll explode if I mention baby names anymore. I've sort of been asking him about names since Kaylee was a couple months old, and she's almost 3 now. ^^;

Well, Kaylee's ready for her nap and I'm going to go watch Teen Mom. Even though it always upsets me. >_<


Cookie's Mom said…
Camille, love your blog design!

I am avoiding Pinterest precisely because I know I will become addicted. I only have time for 47 addictions at a time - all full! :)
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Thanks - have a fantastic day!
Shelomita said…
New follower, landed from it's bee life...you have a lovely blog..will surely keep coming back, and I adore all your blog hop links!..am following you on twitter, would love you to visit and follow me back at http://cutecoconut.com
Shelomita said…
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