A Day With Grandma

We just got back from shopping at Walmart with my grandma. She decided to pay for our stuff, and I thought it was for simplicity's sake and we'd pay her back, but she wouldn't let me. So that was really nice of her. She ended up buying me some clothes and shoes, and Kaylee some clothes and toys. =)

On the way back, she told us some stories. Today she told us about the Holocaust. (Kaylee fell asleep almost as soon as we left, so she couldn't hear...) Anyway, apparently Grandma was about 12 and living with her 10 brothers and sisters above her widowed mother's restaurant in New York City. They had word that her mother's entire family was killed in either Romania or Poland. I never knew that before today.

And on a semi-related note, my grandpa brought back a Nazi skull from when he was fighting in the army. That and a stuffed dog that my grandma had as a pet for 19 years are both in my grandma's apartment as we speak. I can't imagine what the maintenance men think when they come into fix a leak or whatever. I grew up around this kind of stuff so I considered it normal, no wonder I'm so messed up! Hahah.


We are talking legit skull?? Crazy! My great uncle found an old native american skull while walking a ditch bank once...it was unburied from teh creek that ran there. He kept it for years. SO your grandpa isn't weird at all!

That's so awesome that you hear stories from you grandma. I wish my grandparents where still alive so I could ask them about their childhood.
Krystyn said…
Families have such interesting stories. I was told we weren't allowed to ask my grandparents about the Holocaust, so it's cool she opened up to you.

And, a shopping bonus is always nice!

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