First Ultrasound

Dropped Kaylee off at school this morning... It went well. She was crying but insisted that she did in fact want to stay. She was sort of giving herself a pep talk to stop crying and telling herself that she was going to have fun with her friends. The sobbing died down to a sniffle/whine, and she said goodbye to me and told me to have a nice day, so I left. The leaving never gets any easier for me, no matter the circumstances. >_<

So then we were off to get my ultrasound. I have been disappointed for 3 mornings in a row because I had been waiting since Thursday to go to the doctor and confirm my pregnancy. Steven was gone for work until Saturday and then I had to wait out the weekend because nowhere is open on the weekend, of course. I called on Monday morning, first thing, but I wasn't able to get an appointment that day, which really isn't surprising but I was still disappointed. Then I went in Tuesday morning and after much waiting, form filling out, water drinking, and FINALLY peeing, they told me that all they'd be doing today was labs. I had to "call this number" for an ultrasound. I was so mad, but I was happy that I got in the next day. So anyway, we went today, and they COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING! After a lot of reassuring that everything was almost positively okay, they decided that meant I was 5 weeks along, according to my urine test and the fact that they couldn't see it yet on the ultrasound. They gave me the approximate due date of July 1. So I'm pretty excited, I'm having dreams of a summer baby already. But I am still worried, and until they tell me it's definitely in there and growing well, I think I will remain uneasy. I am going to have a blood test tomorrow and check my hormone levels, so hopefully that will make me feel better. You know, after I pass out and throw up because of my needle phobia.

Other than that, life is still stupid. We are STILL waiting to hear if Steven can be transferred closer to home. We are extremely broke this week. I can't wait to get money to go food shopping this Saturday. I am going to buy so many fresh foods and just eat them raw. I have been eating canned and boxed food all week! There's drama with the in laws and some other crap going on that I won't bother to get into. Oh well, nothing so bad we can't keep our sense of humor. Steven just left for work after we picked Kay up from school and he won't be back until Saturday afternoon. I'll probably be missing him and really miserable due to lack of good food and transportation during that time. Soo yeah, there may be a grouchy rant post sometime soon.

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Hope it's better than mine. Though honestly, I'm not doing too bad. The general happiness of being pregnant is above all the other stuff! After everything we have been through this year, I am just so grateful every second to be pregnant again. I don't care how tiny of a peanut I have in my belly, I love it already. =)


Sarah said…
Congrats!! :) May you have an easy pregnancy and no morning sickness! lol.

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