I Forgot Halloween!

I forgot to post our Halloween pics! I will do that right now for a second Wordless Wednesday lol. And since this is the first year I've had a blog, I'll just post last year's Halloween and Kaylee's very first Halloween, too. =) Unfortunately, they are not the best quality. One year, I did not have a camera, the next year mine broke and hadn't been replaced yet, and this year I left it at my grandma's house! How that for bad Halloween picture luck. =( Oh well, I still have the memories!





Great pics! Looks like she scored on the candy!
Rebekah said…
Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I am a new follower now!
What a cute kitty! The princess and Eeyore costumes are darling too--you just have an adorable daughter!

Carla @ Whole Child Creative Curriculum

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