I Spend Most Of The Day...

...laying on the couch, doing nothing, because of morning sickness and exhaustion (oh the delights of the first trimester). This allows many thoughts to pass through my head. The ones I had today were:

Why doesn't someone put Dino Dan on some schizophrenia medication?
Is it okay for my almost 3 year old to eat 2 oranges and Ramen noodle soup for dinner?
Will the house continue to get messier and messier or will it hit a rock-bottom messy point?
Isn't it a little early for a Sesame Street episode about Hannukah and Christmas?
How the heck does Facebook know to suggest this person as my friend?!?!?!?!
Am I a bad mom if my daughter gets so bored that she spends an hour emptying and re-filling her piggy bank?
Is boredom really a good excuse to take off all your clothes and pee on the couch?
Have they invented a way to transplant this baby into my husband's body yet?!
Will a sudden increase in watching tv melt our brains?
Are these thoughts a sign that my brain has already melted?????

I don't know if I will survive this pregnancy, people. I'm going crazy! (Well, crazier. >_>) Kaylee goes off to school on Monday, since her cold is all gone now. Lucky kid.


Conservamom said…
No! It's perfectly normal when you are home all day with a little one and not much other Adult interaction and only Nick Jr as a crystal ball into the outside world and adding pregnancy into the mix doesn't help.lol Stopping by to say hi from Conservamom!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!!
Sounds like all the thoughts in my head!! LOL. I have the same WTF thought about Facebook, too!
Krystyn said…
You will survive..and it does get better! Promise.

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