Moving Forward

With a second baby on the way and the new business getting started, I've decided to drop out of college, at least for now. I feel aimless in college anyway. None of my classes are preparing for me for anything I will have to do in real life. If this business doesn't pan out and I go back to my plan of being a dog trainer, I don't see how the degree in Animal Behavior is going to help me at all. And I don't think I can take 4 years learning about animal anatomy, the behavior of a bunch of random animals, cell reproduction, mating rituals of moles, etc. What really helps a dog trainer is hands on experience. Actual years working for a dog trainer or a dog training company. But yeah, for now, I'll be focusing on the clothes business. I believe that you should do what you love and what makes you happy. I'm not the driven, money oriented type and I can't pretend to be anymore. My family will be just fine, I'm sure we will get by somehow. I don't know why everyone thinks you have to sacrifice your happiness for the sake of your family. I want both! And I don't want to ever have any regrets that I didn't try something that could have been good.


Handy Housemom said…
big decisions. they aren't easy... for SURE! i wish you the best of luck... and CONGRATS on baby number 2! they sure do liven things up :-)

what were you studying in school? school will ALWAYS be there ;-)

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Viki said…
Congrats on baby #2!
I completely understand what your saying. No one should have to choose a job they hate just to make good money. Money isn't everything! Lots of luck to you! :)
Congrats and good luck! I don't want to sacrifice my happiness for my family, but it happens a lot.

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Alura said…
The only way a degree really helps is that there are people who believe that a degree makes you somehow smarter. What someone with a degree says to me is that they could remember things long enough to pass tests.

I'm stopping by from the Sunday Hippidy Hop. I also have a chinchilla so it's always nice to find other chinnie owners!
Good luck on your business! I'm sure you'll do great! :)
Thelemasou said…
I quit college too! Yeah! It's funny how some people think it's the worse decision in your life, and others are all for it. My personal philosophy is that you're never too old for learning, and College will certainly always be there.
Oh, and yay! Babies!

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