I forget when I last wrote. I've had the flu. It's really hard for me to tell if I'm better today and now I'm just having pregnancy symptoms or not. Having the flu when you're prego is just awesome. I've been trying to rest mostly but have been forcing myself to do laundry and dishes. Then I had like an emotional breakdown which made my husband and daughter try to tidy up the house. (And steer clear of me the rest of the night.) I should probably feel bad about that but I'm really glad they cleaned up.

I finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer the other night. As in I watched all 7 seasons in order over the past year and yesterday I watched the very last episode. Yeah, I know, some people have hobbies. Anyway, the last episode involved them turning all potential slayers into active slayers. My first thought was, oh my gosh no! Think of all the toddlers with super strength that will now wreck the world! Becoming a mom has really ruined all tv shows for me lol.

You know what's really weird for me? Not breastfeeding or changing a diaper all day. We had the first day where Kaylee did not nurse or have an accident the entire day. It felt like a pivotal moment in history or something. Especially since I have been super lazy and taking advantage of any time she agrees to wear diapers so I don't have to take her to the potty, or nurse so I get a moment of not having to stop her from climbing the furniture or putting small objects up her nose. Yeah, I know that was an awful run-on sentence.


Anonymous said…
I love youuuuu <3 (from husby)
Sorry you are sick, dear! Sick and pregnancy IS the pits!! I got sick and went into labor early while was sooo bad! I hope you get better!! Being sick stinks sooo bad!!

Vanessa said…
Oh so sorry you are sick! And sick when pregnant sucks! :( By the way congrats!! I haven't been here for awhile, so I didn't know you were pregnant! :) And I see your little one weaned. ((hugs)) for mama as that can be tough! Cherish those times and know that you will get to experience it all over again with this new babe!
I hope you feel better soon and thanks for your support on my Speak out post, I really appreciate it!

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