Ahh, The Joys and Awkwardness of Being a Breastfeeding Mom

That awkward moment when your 2 and a half year old runs into your grandma's bedroom while she's getting dressed, and as she is bending over to put on her pants, latches onto her breast...... My grandma didn't even breastfeed her kids. Luckily, she took this all in good humor and found it hysterical. Kaylee was pleased with her sneak attack, she's still retelling the story to me.

The awkward moment when your toddler informs a room full of guests that her mommy's boobs are named "Nursie" and "Milkie." I actually found that cute.

Then there's that awkward moment when your mother-in-law comes in and says "You're still breastfeeding?" Like she asks me basically every time I see her since Kaylee turned 1, so basically once or twice a month for the past year and a half or so. But that wasn't the awkward part. The thing was, for once, I did not know what to say! She has actually weaned herself. (Except for she is back to nursing in the night; he has nightmares or night terrors, not sure, and wakes up confused and scared a few times a night.) So anyway, I was like, "Um, actually, she's just sleeping in my lap. I'm not nursing her." It's like, hey Mom-in-law, I love you, but in my family, weaning before the third birthday is weird! I'm gonna nurse this long, if not longer, with all our future kids too and I hope you're not going to ask me bi-weekly if I am STILL breastfeeding for 2+ years with each child we ever have. I do have to admire her persistence though. Everyone else gave up wondering when I'd wean her. One thing I would really like to ask... Why the hurry? What does it affect anyone else if my kid still gets a little comfort boob every now and again? Just keeps them quiet and calm, which let's face it, anything that does that for a toddler should be respected, if not viewed as a Godsend. Oh whatever.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there's my mom. She keeps encouraging me to get Kaylee back to the breast. I say this respectfully, but nursing for 4+ years with all of us, I think she doesn't know how to deal with a toddler without being able to use breastfeeding. It's annoying the heck out of me because I'm really ready to stop. I feel that Kaylee stopped gradually and it was the right time for both of us. I did the whole "don't offer, don't refuse" thing. Now, every time I go over to my mom's house (which is a lot, because she lives next door) she always offers up my boobs to Kaylee, and it's like, um they're not yours to offer! The awkward part comes in when she starts randomly getting all impassioned about breastfeeding with one of my friends, an in law, or some random person we meet in public. Yes, she actually does that.


jessi ♥ said…
I'm sorry, I just about DIED from laughter here after the first paragraph lmfao!!! So awkward and hilarious!!
Glo Haynes said…
I love reading your blog, you always make me laugh, I have to admit that sometimes it is at your expense, but this time it is at your mom's! LOL

Have a wonderful New Year with your wonderful family :)

Ms Kate said…
OH gosh, I just had to laugh at Grandma!! Great story for when little one turns 21 ;)

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