Breastfeeding in Public o_o

I hesitate to write this, because to be perfectly honest, I spent most of my life thinking "lactivists" were crazy Boob Nazis. I never bothered to read articles or blog entries about weird breastfeeding topics (like this one lol). But here I go.

When I first had Kaylee, I thought that breastfeeding in public was embarrassing. I wasn't against those who did it, but it just wasn't for me. I figured that most of the population was with me and those that weren't were extremists. Like I said, I had nothing against them, but I wasn't ready to live that lifestyle. Especially because it seems like it involves standing up and fighting for it on a daily basis.

Okay, so these seemingly innocent comments such as "what's so hard about going to the car or restroom to breastfeed" and "what's so hard about bringing a bottle when you go out" seemed acceptable to me at first. But then one day I found myself in the bathroom at the grocery store, looking around at pee on the floor, smelling cleaner and the faint lingering scent of poop, with my arms getting tired from holding my baby because there is no place to sit. By the end, I am near tears, praying that she would be done soon, but she's going through a growth spurt here, and she refuses all bottles as if they are poisonous. Then I realized, this had gone too far. I had had enough of sacrificing my happiness for the sake of the public's uneasiness.

Warning, I'm about to go all crazy lactivist on you. Okay, THIS IS A HUMAN'S RIGHTS ISSUE. I am a woman, and I should have equal rights, even after becoming a mother. My rights do not get to be taken away for 6 months, every time I have a baby, and they can not eat solids yet. I should not have to suffer for the sake of others. I am still human, and I still have rights. I don't get to be told to go into confinement, that is like punishing me by treating me like a lesser human being who doesn't get to be a part of society if I want to feed or comfort my screaming baby. I should be able to eat a nice meal at a restaurant, my baby quietly nestled under my shirt while I eat my food while it's warm and have a conversation with my family. I should not have to go sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes, come out to find my food cold, that my family is almost done eating, and I have to watch an energetic baby while I try to shovel cold food into my mouth.

Yes, I KNOW it sounds crazy. It sounds crazy if you haven't been there. It sounded crazy to me before I became a breastfeeding mom. But it's the truth. Men, people without children, bottle-feeding parents, teenagers, etc. should stop telling breastfeeding moms what to do. They have not been there, they have not had to live through real life situations that happen every single day in the life of a breastfeeding mom. It is ignorant. It's just like racism and sexism. It is hateful words and acts against a group of people, just for being who they are. And it's not like we are standing up and waving our boobies around in the wind. You see more boob on the front of most magazines. How FREAKING hard is it to just look the other way and let the mother and baby live in peace??

Lol, so... Do you think I'm a crazy, over-reacting, ranting Boob Nazi now? =P


jessi ♥ said…
Hells no! I am so with you! I am tired of feeling awkward about bfing in public places, tired of feeling the unease of society when I do it. I take it you saw the pic on my Seriously Thursday post?? It's like that. I cover up when bfing, and sorry if a little slips out when latching on or off but the amount of nudity just around the mall from the girls and on magazines and tv is more than a little slip up or what shows when you nurse.

I've never and will never feed my baby in the bathroom. I just can't stomach that. But i will confess that i have planned outings around feedings.

Great post Camille!
Viki said…
Couldn't of said it better myself.
Your absolutly right. I see more boobs on tv commercials, than on a breast feeding mother. Honestly breast feeding is a beautiful thing, and is not sexual in any way.
Beautiful Mess said…
I am NOT a mommy and I agree with all three of you ladies! It's a natural, beautiful thing.
Next time someone stares or says something, tell them to go eat in the bathroom or stare at them while they eat... same thing!

Good Job for standing your ground!
Katya kate said…
Hehe I love your post and i'm with you! I too breastfed by babies and so true that sometimes they just scream for our warm breast to help them sleep which can't be eased by feeding bottles. So I always bring a clothe big enough to cover my boobs and my baby when in public. I don't think people have rights to think we are doing the wrong thing. I have high respects for breast-feeding moms!

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