Mostly Wordless Wednesday =)

Piggy tails!

Poor Aries recovering from being neutered.

Priscilla being lazy hahah.

Playing with Daddy on the boat.

Me looking like crap, Kaylee acting crazy, and Molly being cute!

Pigs will fly when they both look at the camera at the same time!

I love to torture my kid. xD

Kaylee and Uncle Harry. =)

Kaylee somehow climbed onto the toilet, then onto the sink, got my nail polish from the top shelf of the mirror, then opened it, and painted her nails lol!

My surprise birthday cake from my husband. <3

And my birthday flowers!

Some of Kaylee's artwork from school.

A pinecone turkey and a "Thankful Tree" (the leaves each say something she is grateful for).

Her gingerbread house! (Yum.)


Jamie said…
Hi I'm a new follower from the Flock Together blog hop. These pictures are super cute - I love the one where she painted her nails lol!

Please come by my blog and if you like, follow me back!

For Love of Cupcakes
Create With Joy said…
Happy New Year to you! Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos at
Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy!

shopannies said…
happy new year following you come see me at
{K} said…
Love all the pics!! Your little girl and your pets are all so cute. :) That's funny that your little girl painted her nails. The bday cake and flowers are so sweet!!
Hello, I am your new follower via Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop
momto8 said…
Great pics! the animals are fun! and so is #1!
Katya kate said…
You have such a beautiful baby!!! and she's so cute to paint her nails.. love the gingerbread house too :)Enjoy the holidays!
Nikki Darlin' said…
Haha my daughter once painted her whole body, belly, legs, arms, nails with my polish. took forever to get it all off.
Self Sagacity said…
Happy Holidays. Wonderful family photos. The blue nail polish is my fav. :-)From Create wJoy.
New follower, pls stop by and follow back when you can. Self Sagacity
jessi ♥ said…
Aww cute photos! You are making me have puppy fever ;)

P.S. I tagged you!
hi, those are cute and sweet pictures,

thanks for linking it on my blog.

Ces of
Amber said…
How old is your female Chinchilla? We have three. One male, one female and three nights ago they had a baby. There was two kits but one of them was still born. :(
Leah H. said…
Beautiful photos, beautiful family you got there:)

Visiting for Wordless Wednesday!

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