Feeling A Lot Better

I've been going to the chiropractor for my neck pain. It turns out it's a eustacian tube problem, which is in my ear or something. I went to 2 doctors and neither helped. One couldn't find anything wrong, one prescribed some medication which didn't work. I went to the chiropractor and BAM the pain was gone literally a minute after the treatment. I've become a believer! We're all going for regular adjustments now. =)

I've going to the dermatologist soon, and the dentist soon after. It's annoying that I couldn't get appointments until next month, but at least I have appointments. I don't know how much the dermatologist can do for me, as whenever I went to them before they couldn't help my eczema at all. But it's been quite a few years since my last visit so maybe they have some new info on treating it these days. As for the dentist, I'm sure they will fix the problem. Right now, I can only eat on one side of my mouth, or my tooth hurts like heck. I hope it just needs a filling, I can't afford to lose anymore teeth, lol. I'm already missing like 6 molars. It's so not fair; I brush and floss every day. I guess it's bad teeth genes.

I feel so grouchy lately. I just want to be alone. I feel like a horrible wife and mom half the time. I really hope that now I'm starting to feel better physically, I'll feel better emotionally soon...

Why Are You Still Breastfeeding That Child?

Since my daughter turned 2 recently, I have had many question why I am still nursing her. No one can understand why I am happy that she resumed nursing after almost weaning herself. I am never really able to answer, and I think it's time for me to address this.

"She is filling up on breastmilk and does not eat enough solids." This is not supported by science, and directly contradicted by my personal experience. Kaylee does not eat more solid food on days she doesn't nurse. She often eats her largest meal of the day right after her longest nursing session of the day, which is when she wakes up from her nap. Our pediatrician has told me that as a picky eater, she is lucky to still be breastfeeding, because the nutrition she gets from my milk fills in the gaps when she does not eat enough of a variety of foods. Kaylee is happy and healthy, so why fix something if it ain't broke?

"She does not get enough calcium." There IS calcium in breastmilk. She also gets calcium fortified almond and rice milk. There is calcium in her daily vitamin. My pediatrician is satisfied than she is getting enough calcium, so I am, too. There is no need to drink cow's milk. I never did and I am perfectly healthy.

"It's weird to nurse when the child is walking and talking." Society is very judgmental. Does that mean we should conform to fit in? Should I base a parenting decision on what other people think? Should I jump off a bridge just because everyone else is? NO! Definitely not. The truth is, breastfeeding in general is seen as weird. It's sad fact that we have moved away from something that is a normal, human act. All other mammals feed their babies their own milk until they start to get adult teeth. This, and other studies, show that the weaning age for humans should be up to 7 years old. (Source.)

"You are spoiling her." I am very strict with my daughter and do not spoil her. I have clear guidelines. If anyone spoils her, it is her father. She is a daddy's girl and runs to him to get her way.

In conclusion, I don't see a single benefit to weaning, and neither does my pediatrician. Everything I can find online supports breastfeeding as long as possible. The health benefits are endless. It protects against sickness; Kaylee has only been sick 3 times in her life, and has never been sick enough to need medication. The longer a mother breastfeeds, the less likely she is to get breast cancer. Then there is the unmeasurable emotional benefit. When Kaylee wakes up from her nap, she will nurse for a good long while, sometimes an hour. In that time, I often watch tv with my husband. Life is busy and it's hard to spend quality time together! When Kaylee is sick, cranky, or hurt, we do not have to hear her cry and whine for long amounts of time, which would cause us a lot of stress. I just pop her on the boob and 9 times out of 10, when she is done nursing her mood is completely turned around. Honestly, I feel that breastfeeding is a gift. It's like the wonderful, all-purpose parenting tool. Why would I want to give that up for no good reason?

So, when will I finally wean her? I don't know. When it seems like the right time for both of us. Probably when she outgrows it naturally. I know it's too much to hope for to expect people to understand, respect, and support me in this. But oh well, the only choice anyone has is to accept it, because I have made up my mind. =)