You Know You're Jewish When...

You go into a bakery to buy challah for Rosh Hashanah and everyone is staring at you because you and your mom (who has a giant Jew fro) are talking loudly about what holidays you eat challah on and your 2 year old yells OY VEY just like she learned from her great-grandma. We walk out and my mom is like, I think we scared them. And I replied, yeah they make Jewish food but they can't deal with some real Jews coming in their store! Hahahah, good times.

Flashback Friday - August, 2006

Flashback Friday is where I post an old photo. :) It may be from 6 months ago or from 60 years ago. It may be me, my family, or possibly just something random. If you have something similar on your blog, please comment and link me to it! 

My best friend, Monica, and me! I can't believe this was 5 years ago!

Life Is Crazy Right Now!

I didn't mean to, but I've been taking a sort of hiatus from being online lately. I've been hacking away at my emails today. I had 160! It was nuts. Now I have like 60, so I've made a lot of progress. I know I'm behind commenting blogs and following people back on Twitter and things like that. I apologize, I will catch up soon, and I'm not joining blog hops until I do. Trying not to add anymore to my plate right now. Sometimes, I think I am in a little over my head with blogging. Some days, there is just not enough time to do the family thing and the blogging thing. On a perfect day, yes, but most days something unexpected ends up happening. Sometimes drama is going on (like today). And then when Steven is home from work, I want to spend time with him while I can, so I don't go online much. Yesterday, I spent the day with my mom, doing the whole drive 1 hour to Silver Spring and spend the day there thing. My grandma and brothers live there so my mom goes there to visit them and take them where they need to go. Well, the older of my brothers goes where he needs to go by himself, but yeah. It's a long day for Kaylee and me to be out, running around, and it's a lot of car seat time for her. No break whatsoever for me because it's not like any of the places we go to are toddler-safe. Not to mention, she's not fond of on-the-go food, she prefers hot meals, so she doesn't eat much, then gets cranky. And her naps are cut short. But we've gone with her 2 days this week because it's getting very lame staying inside all day. Steven is at work Wednesday morning through Saturday afternoon because of work this week. I can't drive and don't have a car anyway. And there is absolutely nowhere to walk around here! We're going crazy inside. But there are big changes coming, and life is going to be very different soon, which I will have to write about later, after Kay goes to sleep. I didn't want to get into it now because it's a whole new story, it's upsetting to talk about, and I didn't want to get into it in this post. Alrighty, happy start of the weekend, everyone!


•If I were to get pregnant… I'd be thrilled! We've been trying for months lol.

•If I could have any job in the world… I would be an author and a dog trainer.

•If I had a day to myself… I'd um... I have no idea, actually.

•If I could get married all over again… Well, if we somehow had more money in this fantasy, I'd have an actual wedding. We got married in the courthouse. =P

•If I could live anywhere in the U.S…. Somewhere in a small town...

•If I were to have more children… I'd be thrilled, I already told you! Hahahah.

•If I could have any talent in the world… I dunno. To sew and knit?

•If you met me in real life… You would be very scared. Hahah!

•If I went back to school… I am in school right now LOL.

•If money were not an object… I would buy a new house, car, and camera. =)

•If I could meet one celebrity… Meeting a celebrity would just be awkward... Oh wait! You know who I'd love to meet? The Dog Whisperer!

•If I could choose an animal/pet… I don't need to choose anymore pets, I've been banned from getting anymore. 2 adults, 1 child, 2 large dogs, and a chinchilla already live in our one bedroom house!

•If I could go on a trip right now… I'd visit my best friend in California!

•If I had to choose between a house cleaner and personal chef… Personal chef all the way. I don't let anyone else clean my house. They do it wrong.

•If I had the option to get plastic surgery… No, I'm deathly afraid of surgery. Maybe laser eye correction.

Some Cute Videos Of Kaylee ^_^

What I've Been Up To =)

We went to a pumpkin patch on Sunday; it was a blast! It was such a nice, old-fashioned place. And Steven had a coupon from Groupon to get a hayride and 2 pumpkins for $8 or something like that. My husband is better at couponing than me lol!

Kaylee loved feeding and petting the chickens, goats, and cows. They are SO friendly because they are treated really well. They are pets and the owner told me they stay there their whole lives and aren't ever eaten. The way they earn their keep is just to be friendly so the visitors can feed and pet them. I usually feel bad for farm animals but these seemed really happy.

They had tractors made by the company Steven works for, made in 1970!! Still up a running, one of them pulled the hayride!

We also saw some neat bugs (and a spider)...

Kaylee thought the wagon we used to get our stuff back to the car was pretty neat. She wanted to ride in it, then pull it herself. We spent a half an hour just doing that!

We decided Kaylee was too tired to do the corn maze, maybe next time. Sure enough, as soon as we left, she was knocked out!

But we had a lot of fun together and came home with a lot of goodies without spending too much money, so it was a good day. =) The owner even gave us some free squash!!

It was so nice to spend the weekend together as a family after Steven working all week! <3

Then on Monday, we had a very boring day. Steven was working, there was no where to go (and no way to get there), and the cable bill wasn't paid so we had no TV or internet! I had a sort of realization that we needed to cut back on tv time for Kaylee because without tv she was in a better mood and we had a lot of fun playing and reading. She was also more agreeable when I asked her to do something and went down for her nap earlier and without protesting! So I've decided no more tv in the mornings.

Tuesday, we spent the day in Silver Spring visiting my grandma and brothers. It was nice to see everyone. Kaylee fell asleep on the way home, stayed asleep when I carried her inside, and slept right through the night. I was very pleased about that. Steven had come home last night and even though we tidied up the house and went straight to sleep, I was very happy he was there. It's nice just to have him in the house, I sleep better. I think he will be gone until Saturday afternoon now. =( But I'm glad he'll be back in time to celebrate the Jewish New Year with us. Rosh Hashanah is actually today and tomorrow but we're celebrating on Saturday. We're just going to say a few prayers, light some candles, and have dinner at my Grandma's house with my family. I'm making dinner with Grandma. She usually insists on doing all the cooking herself on holidays because only she can do it right, but she's starting to have a desire to teach me to cook. I hope I can be helpful and not mess anything up!

Yay, I Love Being Up Before The Sun... Not

I implemented Kaylee's new bedtime last night. It went well. In the sense that I put her in the bath at 8. After that, not so much. She cried for 10 minutes while I folded laundry. Yes, I did try to comfort her, but she got all violent. Then she stopped mid-cry to play her favorite app with Daddy on his iPod. So I finished the laundry and we all got in bed and it was 8:30. Right on track. Then she wanted to nurse. I realized I forgot to brush her teeth and hoped she didn't fall asleep nursing. I had nothing to fear! She finished nursing and wanted to get up and watch TV. I said no. She wanted to play on the iPod. I said no. She wanted her cup of milk so I gave it to her and she drank it. She wanted a sandwich so we got back up and got one, even though I spent the last hour before bedtime trying everything to get her to eat something. Then she wanted juice and drank a whole cup of that even though she had constant access to juice all day long. Then I brushed her teeth and she said she was thirsty and I gave her water and she drank all of that too. Then she wanted a story. I read her 2 books. Then I turned out the light and told her Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Then I sang her a lullaby but that didn't go so well because she sang along extremely loudly. Then she wanted me to sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall like we do in the car. She sang along really loudly to that and wouldn't even lay down. I put my foot down and said I was going to sleep and decided not to respond to her in any way. She decided to cuddle up to me and say I Love You over and over. Of course, I had to reply to that. So we said variations of that for like 10 minutes. I love you, I love you too, I love you more, I love you a lot, I love you more than ice cream... You get the drift. It was so cute, I couldn't be mad, but at this point it's like 9:30. I drifted off to sleep and woke up a few minutes later. She was sitting up, talking to herself. Then she started doing somersaults. Her feet hit me in the mouth a few times and I decided to insist she lay down. I pat her back for a while and she talked animatedly about Grover and some other things. I drifted back to sleep and woke up at like 10ish and she was still awake but she was laying down and her chatting was quiet. I think we both fell asleep for the night shortly after that. I'm glad I decided to have her sleep with us while changing her bedtime because there is no way I would have lasted until she fell asleep in her own bed. And no, I can't leave her there to fall asleep by herself. She will get up and play with her toys for hours and hours.

Basically, bedtime at 8:30 turned into the regular bedtime at 10:30 but with 2 hours of settling down instead of a half an hour of it. Oh well, I shall not give up! It should be easier tonight because we woke up at freaking 5 something AM. I have no idea why. What happened was Kaylee was pushing me off the side of the bed and I sat up and was going to move her to her own bed but I was too lazy so I laid down on the other side of her, in between her and Steven. Steven and she. Whatever. And she woke up and squawked something unintelligible as I laid down. Then I realized she was saying, "NO, I WANT TO SLEEP NEXT TO DADDY." Her mommy-is-getting-close-to-daddy-and-that's-MY-job sensors were fully activated, even in sleep. So I said ok and we laid back and everything was quiet but then I sneezed. And she sat up and told me she was going into the living room to play with her toy swan. And that was that. 5am might not seem like that early to you but we usually wake up at 9. And I usually wake up first! So that was weird, and by weird I mean it sucks. But looking at the bright side, she'll probably have an early nap and bedtime, right? Here's hoping.

She's starting school October 3rd so hopefully I'll have her on an earlier schedule by then. I don't want her to be cranky in school. I really want it to be a good experience!! I want her to be one of those kids that loves school, unlike me growing up... I won't get into it but let's just say I was the complete opposite!

World Milk Sharing Week

It's World Milk Sharing Week and I just wanted to show my support!

I think that breastmilk should be readily available and an acceptable alternative to direct breastfeeding, if the mother desires. If more people found out about mother to mother milk sharing, and it became more normalized, a lot more people would participate in it. I personally wish I had known about it when I first had my daughter because we had to supplement with formula for a few months. Later on, after we got my daughter off bottles and cured a bad case of thrush, I had an abundant supply. I wish I had known about milk sharing then so I could donate. Since my daughter has been weaning herself, I am not producing enough to donate right now. But we are currently trying to conceive, so hopefully I will be able to donate in the future!

This is an essay I wrote in college on the importance of breastfeeding and breastmilk. It has a section in it about milk sharing.

I hope milk donation becomes more common as time goes on, it's an absolutely wonderful thing! =)

Happy Happy Joy Joy

We just went to Target to look for a costume for Kaylee. We didn't find one, but we did buy over $50 worth of other stuff. I got some new shorts, yes I know it's about to be winter, but they were on sale. Also, a cute shirt. This is the first time I have bought anything new for myself in probably over 3 years! I'm going thrifting with my mom next week, too. I'm pretty excited. I've never really had a wardrobe beyond ratty t-shirts and jeans before and I'm ready for a change. It's so hard to spend money on myself, though. I almost had a panic attack lol!

So yeah, Kaylee has all these new toys Grandma just got her from Target. (Grandma is spending the weekend here. =) And do you know what she's playing with right now? A sponge. She told me she was cleaning the walls for me. Isn't it funny how kids do that? Give them a high tech toy, an expensive toy, the most popular toy in the world... And they want to play with a cardboard box!

Steven being home after being gone most of the week for work has put me in such a good mood. Hearing him play with Kaylee in the background right now puts so much joy into my heart, I feel like it will burst. I'm going to go play with them now. =) I'm taking a little break from blog hopping this weekend to spend some extra time with my family but check out the ones I usually participate in at the bottom of the page. Have a nice rest of the weekend, everyone!

TV Is Ruined For Me!

Have you ever noticed how the way you perceive tv shows and movies changes a lot after you have kids? Is it just me??

For one thing, I am liable to cry watching a diaper commercial. I used to watch the saddest of movies and not even get watery eyes!

Then you start noticing all the unrealistic things. Like the parents put the newborn baby down and it sleeps the entire night. THEN it waits quietly in the morning until the parents go in and get it. Um, in what reality does that happen??

I also don't like it when they portray kids as obnoxious, bratty, fat, whiny, etc. What parent agrees to let their kid act out a part like that? And why do we need to show the most precious and innocent thing in the world, children, in a bad light? I'm not talking humorous situations, I mean more the times when it shows the kid as a real jerk who their own parents seem to hate.

I was just watching Dora the Explorer and it's funny what thoughts ran through my head. Her mom was having a baby, and she asks Boots (her sidekick monkey) if he/she (no idea the gender) could guess who was joining her family. The clues were it ate out of a bottle, slept in a crib, and wore diapers. I was just thinking, how is Kaylee going to guess that? She was breastfed and slept in my bed as a baby. Hahah and then it turned out to be twins and I was like, how do you not know you're carrying twins??? It seemed like she had a home birth with no doctor or midwife or anything. I thought that was kind of odd yet I guess cool in a way? Yeahhh, way to over-think a preschool show!

Then there was the movie, The Hangover. I hope I'm not confusing two movies here. But there was this scene where she goes to breastfeed her baby and everyone freaks out like she just started flashing them. It's supposedly humorous, but I don't see the humor? Like breastfeeding is an oddity and a joke?

Then those scenes in movies where there are kids but they are somehow not in that scene. Where did they go? I'm usually the only person wondering that. I think... Could they be at school? No, the timing is off. Lol, I wish I would just focus on the movie instead of nitpicking it! Since becoming a mom, I nitpick more over everything in movies, not just parenting related things. I have no idea why THAT is, perhaps just getting older. As a teen you can live in the moment more, before bills and everything. Ok wait, this is getting way too deep.

Aside from all that, I also have a hard time watching shows like Law and Order: SVU where there may be an abused or murdered child. I have serious issues after watching something like that. I'm liable to cry later and express all these irrational fears about ever letting Kaylee out of my sight and then insisting to Steven that we need to move to a very remote location where only hippies who homeschool and grow their own crops live. Seriously, I do want to move to a place like that... But I digress.

Ok, I think I'm either done with my post or else I just got distracted by ice cream. Either way, have a great weekend everyone! My husband is getting home soon after being gone most of the week for work and I was thinking about taking the weekend off from the internet. Family time, here I come!

You Know What They Say... Blogging Is Cheaper Than A Therapist!

Three people I know have had babies this month. I'm so excited for them, but it's a little hard for me because this month would have been the due date, had I not had the miscarriage. We're going to meet Steven's new little brother tomorrow, if all goes well. I can't wait, but I am dreading it a little, because I really don't want to burst into tears in front of everyone. I really hate people feeling sorry for me. I wish I was pregnant again and we all just forgot about the miscarriage and we could move on... I wish I could feel grateful for having one beautiful, healthy child... I guess I just need more time to sift through my feelings and figure everything out.

I know I said that this was a family friendly blog, but miscarriage is a part of my life, and I can't censor it out... If anyone finds it offensive, they can delete me from the family friendly blog hops, no hard feelings. <3 I just really need to write about it. This blog is truly better than any therapist I've ever had, hahah. Really, death is a part of life, there's no way we can shield even the youngest of children from it. I had to explain to my 2 year old that the baby in mommy's tummy went Heaven instead of came out to live with us. And I will have to explain it to her if our elderly dog dies. She has to learn sometime, I can't sugarcoat it for her, that would be lying. She'd never trust me again once she found out. Well, that's how I feel about it anyway. That's the way I was raised. Alrighty, I feel much better now after venting. Steven is coming home today after being away for work most of the week, so that will definitely cheer me up! Why do I always have the urge to sign off on blog posts by saying "over and out?" o_O


This week was a good week. I think we're finding a good balance and adjusting to Steven being gone half the week. I have to be a lot more organized. I wrote down a daily schedule and it's really helpful. I've managed to keep the house clean and the chores done and everything. I've been spending extra time with Kaylee to help her through missing her dad. We should be straight financially pretty soon with the extra money Steven's making at this new job. And I've been sticking to my exercise routine, yesterday and today anyway. I'm excited about going to The Goddard School next Monday and giving them back the paperwork and paying for Kaylee to start there at the beginning of October. It's going to be so great for her to get out of the house and make some friends and learn new things.

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Getting To Know You Friday Blog Hop

Question of the week: What is one of your favorite quotes and why?

One of my favorite quotes is: "Judge not, that ye be not judged."

I like it because there is so much judgment going on in my life. Everyone seems to judge my actions, big and small. This quote is way for me to stay out of that and not judge others in return, even if it's very tempting. Also, I put it on my Facebook, as a friendly reminder to others. =)

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This Moment - Kaylee Being Cute

A Friday ritual (inspired by SouleMama).
A single photo--no words--capturing a moment from the week.
A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your "moment" in the comments for all to find and see.

Does this count as one photo? Lol, I couldn't pick.

Flashback Friday - April, 2010

Flashback Friday is where I post an old photo. :) It may be from 6 months ago or from 60 years ago. It may be me, my family, or possibly just something random. If you have something similar on your blog, please comment and link me to it!  

Kaylee and Geegee (my grandma) during a visit to my family in Tennessee.

The Buzz About Me

1. What was the best vacation you have ever been on?
It's hard to pick between Mexico, the beach, Florida, Tennessee, and California. Yeah... I like to travel a lot lol.
2. What was the first amusement park you ever went to?
I think 6 Flags, but back when it was Adventure World or whatever.
3. What is something you are allergic to?
Cats. =(
4. What was one kind thing someone did for you today?
Mom somehow snuck in and left me new clothes for Kaylee on my kitchen table that I found when I woke up.
5.What time is it right now where you are?
6:37 pm.
6. If you could choose to be any color in the crayon box, which one would it be?
Uhhh, Robin's Egg Blue.
7. Whats your favorite quote?
Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.
8. What was your high school mascot?
I was homeschooled for high school.
9. Are you a left brain or a right?
Both really. I'm better at English and language than math though.
10. Vampires or Zombies?

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I Want This Body Back!

This is a picture from less than 6 months ago. I had finally gotten in shape after having Kaylee. But this only lasted a few months before I got pregnant again. I was thrilled and like when I got pregnant with Kaylee, I didn't worry about ruining my body at all. I figured I'd get it back into shape again sometime after I had the baby. But then... Miscarriage. Somehow... Losing my body for a miscarriage was not worth it. So on top of being depressed about losing the baby, I am depressed about my body being ruined "for nothing." And somehow I feel guilty too. For being depressed about it ruining my body if it wasn't going to grow and be born. Am I a terrible person for just wanting to forget the miscarriage at this point and have my body back? I don't know how to be done grieving without forgetting... How do you remember, but still be able to heal???

I have been exercising some days. I have the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I have made some progress. Some part of me just wants to just stay depressed and fat because I obviously don't deserve a second child or happiness from life. But since that is ridiculous, I'm going to do this technique I heard about once (and actually thought it was stupid, but now I've reconsidered). It's basically listing you excuses for not getting something done and then seeing how you can neutralize each one. So here we go.

I don't have enough time to work out every day. 
I will stop playing Farmville and then I will! Hahah.
I forget.
I will put up notes around the house to remind me.
It's not part of my routine.
Kaylee loves when we go for morning walks so I will make this part of our routine. I will not get caught up in anything else besides eating and getting ready to go as soon as we wake up. Then before my evening shower I will do my work out video. This also takes care of the excuse of me hating to be sweaty.
I don't have enough energy.
I know that once I get started, I will feel more energized. Remember how I felt when I couldn't get up with Kaylee in the middle of the night but I did it anyway. I can be strong and do things that are hard, I know I can because I've done it before!
It's too hard to work out with Kaylee around.
I will bring her over to my mother's, put on the tv for her, or involve her. Working out interrupted by a toddler is better than not working out at all.
I feel like it is wasting time when I could be getting things done, paying attention to Kaylee, or having free time.
There is seriously nothing more important than my health and self-confidence. If I get less housework done, the world will not end. Kaylee can live without me for the 20 minute workout and will appreciate a healthier mom who has more energy and is less depressed. And free time is not going to make me as happy as being in shape again!

I may add to this later. Blogging about it really helps because I will be too ashamed to come on here tomorrow and say I didn't follow it!

As for the miscarriage grief/guilt, I still need to find a way to deal with that. I think talking to my mom about it will help. I'm spending some time with her tomorrow, so maybe I can talk to her then.

I will find my happy place in life again, I just know it!!!! And instead of complaining about Kaylee going down for a late nap and ruining her schedule, I'm going to go exercise right now!

Blog It Forward =)

These are the blogs I'm checking out today and you should check them out too! And also, join in the Blog It Forward Tuesday Blog Hop with us. =)

Hoo Are You

1. What are your favorite 3 things about fall?
Dressing my daughter in an adorable costume, pumpkin picking, and wearing cozy sweaters. (And Halloween candy.)
2. Are you a football fan and if so who is your favorite team?
Not really. Part of my family roots for Redskins and the rest love the Ravens.
3. What is your favorite fall scent?
Just the brisk autumn air with the leafy scent. And um, pie!
4. So you have seasonal allergies?
More like year-round allergies lol.
5. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
No, I'm not that organized and well-prepared lol.

I Know I Say This About Every Milestone...

But singing... Definitely my favorite!

"Some 'nother day" lol biased mommy over here thinks this is the most adorable thing in the world!!


Tips For New Bloggers

Here are some things I wish I knew when I had started blogging a few months ago.

In order to find a good medium between posting often enough but not making empty posts, it's helpful to write down ideas in a note pad throughout the day. Trust me, you are NOT going to remember that ingenious thought later when you sit down to blog.

Take off the captcha that is required when someone posts on your blog. I'm not alone in thinking it's annoying, I've seen buttons for a society just based on being against blog post captchas.

If an animated image you put in a post isn't working, try editing the post, clicking on the image, and choosing "full image size" or "original image size" or whatever. It took me a half an hour to figure this out once. -_-

If you are following 300 followers already and it won't let you add anymore, you can still add them through the Google Friend Connect (GFC) widget. A backup button that links straight to following your GFC is good too because that widget has a habit of not loading and some people don't have the patience to refresh until it shows up.

Make all your follow buttons easy to find, all together, and preferably near the top. If someone has to search all over, they may not notice you have a Facebook, or a NetworkedBlogs, or whatever. Plus it's just nice not to make people have to work to follow you.

I suggest writing in a more interactive way than as if you were keeping a private journal. Often, if I feel like I stole someone's diary, I feel awkward commenting. If they ask questions like, "Has anyone else ever felt that way before?" and in general write as if they are friends with the reader, I feel more natural and comfortable commenting.

If someone follows you, try to follow them back. If someone comments you, try to comment them back. It's blogging courtesy. And no empty comments. Make the extra effort to be sincere and thoughtful, people really appreciate it! I mean, you want those comments in return, don't you? =)

Networking is extremely important. Participate in blog hops, follow people, comment them, and branch out. You can't expect to just blog and have a huge following like BAM. You can't really expect everyone else to find you in the large sea of blogs and do all the work with nothing in return.

Don't focus on networking TOO MUCH. Remember, post regularly. But yeah, not empty posts. If you got nothing to say, try posting something from the past like a cute picture of your kid or dog or ferret or car or whatever, something. I post poetry when I have nothing to say on my blog. It is ok to go a few days without posting, but try to post at least a couple times a week. If I visit a blog and there's no post since 2 weeks ago, I assume they have abandoned their blog.

Always proofread and double-check to make sure links work and everything looks right.

Here are a few tutorials I found very helpful:

Add Social Networking Buttons To Your Blog/Site

GFC Follow Button

Happy blogging, everyone!

My Weekend

We went to my cousin, Bev's birthday party night before last. It was fun. I pet her dog, cats, ferret, and bearded dragon. =D Kaylee played with Gavin (Bev's son) the whole time and was so sad to leave him. He's so good with her. You don't usually meet 12 year old boys that are so good with toddlers.

Then yesterday we went to Zeke's (my brother in high school) baseball game. They won! =) When he came off the field and hugged Kaylee,  a few girls on the bleachers squealed lol. Apparently nieces are great chick magnets. Then we all went home and Zeke and Grandma spent the night. A little later on, when everyone's awake, I'm sure we'll have some family time. =) It's not too rare but since most of the family lives about an hour away, it's not as common anymore.

There would probably be pictures, but Steven took the camera with him. He's staying at his mom's, since he had work there Friday and went to Oktoberfest yesterday. He's coming home today though, I can't wait!! I hope he had fun, relaxed, and feels recharged. I know he doesn't get many breaks and I'm so glad he hung out with some friends and hopefully had a great time. I haven't really talked to him since I haven't replaced the phone I left out in the rain yet. >=(

In other news, I've been thinking and I think I want to change my major. Majoring in Animal Behavior does not help me be a dog trainer, to put it simply. It's mostly science, biology and whatnot. I hate dissecting frogs and learning about neurons and stuff like that. I think the main thing I can do to work on being a dog trainer is to start getting more hands on experience. And as for my major, I'm considering photography or some sort of literature now... I'll have to think about it more.

I Thought I Had A Few More Years...

Before my daughter took her shirt off and danced, wearing glowing jewelry?

Here's what she was wearing... Glow sticks bracelets, except here they're all connected. Gosh, I need to learn how to work my camera.

I thought she was doing some super cute poses while watching tv, so I took some pics. People tell me I take too many pictures... Well, I have a very photogenic child, can you blame me? =)

I need to do something about the red eye... Maybe tomorrow, I am SO tired! Goodnight / morning, everyone!

A Little Rant About Breastfeeding in Today's Society

No one tells you how to breastfeed. Doctors sabotage it at every point. When I gave birth, luckily I had advocates in the form of my mother and doula. They made sure I started breastfeeding soon after birth, that she was latching correctly, and that no one took her and gave her supplements or a pacifier. Why do hospitals do these things? It's as if they don't want anyone to successfully breastfeed. They actually encourage you to supplement before your milk comes in, and don't even tell you that the small amount of sticky milk you have in the beginning is all the baby needs at first. It's called colostrum and it has a ton of antibodies in it that do a huge part in protecting a newborn from sickness. Introducing anything else increases the chance of sickness. NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS! They just act like you're a failure as long as you're only producing colostrum, and you can not nurse until your milk comes in! They also don't mention that the act of nursing is what stimulates the body to produce milk. It's supply and demand, so the more you nurse, the more milk you make. Yet the medical staff lead you to believe you should nurse for 15 minutes every 2-3 hours? It's insane.

Once you go home with your baby, if you have managed to get them latched and nursing, and somehow kept anyone from giving them supplements... Get ready for your first pediatrician appointment, where they will once again try to get to you. My pediatrician checked my daughter, said she was perfectly healthy and starting to gain weight, but then told me to supplement with formula "just in case." Only my husband and I were there. We did not know better. So we accepted a can of formula and went home. Personally, I felt like a failure. I thought she was eating enough! I had been counting wet and poopy diapers and felt really proud that my body was nourishing her completely, just as it had in pregnancy. After this visit, my confidence crashed. I watched my husband feed her a bottle of formula later that night, and I wanted to cry. This was the start of a huge problem. The formula filled her up for longer, she didn't want to nurse as much, and my supply began to drop. THANK YOU SO MUCH, PEDIATRICIAN. So much for "just in case, it can't hurt, etc."

Then, we got thrush. Nursing was painful. We put her on just bottles of expressed milk. When I could not express enough, we gave her formula after a feeding. Our lives were very stressful. I felt guilty leaving her with my husband when she was crying. I remember feeling guilty just for taking 5 minutes to myself for a shower. Expressing milk, thawing milk, washing bottles, sanitizing bottles, spending money on formula, mixing formula, waiting for a bottle to cool... Feeding our daughter was becoming complicated, stressful, and expensive. People made us feel like we just didn't know what we were getting into and raising a baby is always this difficult. I felt that they were wrong. I researched in what little spare time I had. I developed a goal. I wanted to get rid of my thrush and exclusively breastfeed. I don't know what finally cured it, since we tried so many different things, but I do remember the feeling of nursing without pain. Being a Harry Potter fan, I thought to myself, I could make a patronus with this feeling! Hahah. But I do wish this moment would never have had to happen. I can't understand why I would have to self-diagnose and self-treat thrush. Many women get it while breastfeeding and neither the pediatrician nor the obgyn seem to know anything about it! So, if you somehow managed to make it this far, here is another point in which you are likely to fail to breastfeed.

If I go could go back and tell myself one thing while I was pregnant, it would be that nursing is supply and demand. Nurse all the time and you will make enough milk. I finally got the hang of this when my daughter was around 4 months old. We were able to cut out formula. Finally, being parents was fun! I am not saying that we didn't love being parents before. We most certainly did. But now we loved it even more, and were much more calm and relaxed about it. My daughter would still get a bottle here and there, but it would only be expressed milk. She was the happiest baby. She never cried anymore. I kept doing research and slowly became a "lactivist." I think it's one of societies main failures that it doesn't support breastfeeding. If all babies were breastfed or at least given human milk, it would save an insane amount of lives. Read the statistics one day, they will shock you.

My daughter is still breastfeeding at age 2. I won't get into "extended breastfeeding" because that's a whole new rant! Hahah. But I have to say, it was so worth it. I feel that nursing has been my main mothering tool. It cures sickness, hurt, hunger, thirst, and grouchiness. It gives me time to relax and bond with my child at the same time. It's so much easier than bottle feeding, and SO much cheaper than formula feeding. I only ever supplemented and that was a blow to our budget! It has countless health benefits and they are coming out with more all the time. My main advice to any mom would be to do her own research and make it a personal goal to breastfeed!

Edit: I can see how I would have loved to just switch to formula at times. If my daughter didn't get so constipated by it and would willingly take a bottle without crying... And I cut out the fact that I was ALSO trying to express and store breastmilk... Formula feeding probably would have been a lot easier and I would have switched to it. That's why I never hate on bottle feeding moms. I would have formula fed if the situation had been different, it wasn't my goody two shoes attitude that kept me trying, it was me trying desperately to find the easiest thing for our family to do so we could relax more. I started out with the best intentions while pregnant because I knew the health benefits but when you are in the situation, you just have to do what works. The ideal situation can not always happen for every mom and I know that all too well. This is more a rant about how society sets mothers up for failing at breastfeeding and they should support them more. I am definitely not hating on anyone who chose to formula feed for whatever reason, please don't anyone take it as such!! Also, if you have negative feeling towards mothers who formula feed or supplement, please reconsider because you haven't been in their position. Everyone has their own reasons for feeding their babies the way they do, and who knows, it could be you if you were in their situation!

How To Put Your Button In Your Side Bar

A couple of people have mentioned that they had a button but didn't know how to put it into their sidebar. Well, here is the code for that. =)

<img src="BUTTONIMAGEURL" />
<form><textarea rows="3" cols="12" readonly="readonly"><a href="YOURBLOGURL"><img src="BUTTONIMAGEURL" ></a></textarea></form>

You can mess around with the rows and columns (cols) to change the size of the text box. You can also change the size of the button by adding this in width="amountofpixels" height="amountofpixels", like this.

<img src="BUTTONIMAGEURL" width="125" height="125" />
<form><textarea rows="3" cols="12" readonly="readonly"><a href="YOURBLOGURL"><img src="BUTTONIMAGEURL" width="125" height="125" ></a></textarea></form>

Once you save it, the coding may change a bit, like a > may change to &gt;. But don't worry, it's the same difference, and it will still work. For instance, mine looks like this.

<img src="" width="125" height="125" />
<form><textarea rows="3" cols="12" readonly="readonly">&lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" width="125" height="125" /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</textarea></form>

If anyone needs anymore help with anything, I'm no expert, but I'd be happy to try! =)

EDIT: If you are wondering where to put the code, go to your Dashboard, click on Design, click Add a Gadget, pick Text, and that's where you put the code!

Wednesday Blog Hops!

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Add A Signature To Your Posts, and A Post Divider

Here is an easy tutorial for adding a signature to your posts. It automatically adds your siggy to all past and future posts! It's really neat because who wants to go back and put your signature on all past posts, and then remember to add it every time you make a post? Check it out: And if you are looking for a place to make your own signature, try =)

Edit - I changed the code a bit to give more space before and after the signature because things were looking kind of crowded. If you want to do that too you can do this instead of the code they tell you to paste: <br><img src='IMAGE URL' style='border: none; background: transparent;' /></br><br/>

Basically, I just added in a <br> which is a line break and you have to end the code which is the </br>

And HERE is the tutorial to add a post divider. :)

The Adventures of Mama and Kaylee

I love traveling and going random places. Everyone assumed I would discontinue this when I had a child, but I never saw why. I love going places with my daughter. When she was a baby, I could take her anywhere, as long as I didn't mind "whipping it out." (Which I didn't. =) Now that she is a toddler, I need a few extra supplies, such as small books, toys, snacks, and a sippy cup. (Oh, and I still whip out a boob now and again. ;)

The most recent adventure we had was to Mexico. Daddy came so it was extra fun! We loved the weather, the pool, the beach, the lack of bugs, and the culture. This summer, Kaylee and I are going on a one-day road trip to Tennessee to visit my aunts for a week. Then we are hopefully going to go on an approximately 7 hour plane ride to visit my friend Monica in California for a week! It makes me slightly nervous that Kaylee is weaning herself and I won't be able to rely on breastfeeding as much now, but I'm not too worried. Our bond is moving on from breastfeeding, but is still strong. My job title is still Mommy, the job description is just constantly evolving!

I hear people talking about how having kids has tied them down, and in a way I can see what they mean. I have given up things since becoming a mommy, but it has not seemed like a sacrifice to me. I would just rather spend time with my daughter than go out. Anywhere I can't take her, I usually don't want to go anyway. Anything I have to miss because of parenting responsibilities, it's worth it every time I see her sunny smile. She is my little buddy, never my burden. Any challenging parts are more than worth it and make me grow into a better person. I hope we can always have adventures together, as she grows up, and we can always be buddies. <3

In Mexico!

5 Diets =)

People have always asked me how I stay skinny. I am not actually that thin anymore, but whatever, I guess I am compared to some people... Well, here are 5 diets that have worked for me. Knock yourself out!

1. The grow extremely tall, extremely fast diet: spend your childhood and teen years growing upwards until your taller than all the boys in your class. Eat all the time but do not gain enough weight to even grow boobs at age 16. Admire your pointy knees and elbows in the mirror daily before school.

2. The morning sickness diet: Get pregnant, become too sick to consume anything, and throw up everything you do consume. You will look totally hot, if not pale and anemic, until you hit about 4 months. Then your stomach will quickly grow to the size of a watermelon. Details, details.

3. The 7-of-my-teeth-are-rotten-and-need-to-be-pulled diet: Inherit bad teeth from your dad and then have a fear of the dentist. You will live in constant pain, but will lose a lot of weight because you have to live on soup broth.

4. The I'm allergic to everything diet: Decide you are sick and tired of living with allergies and stop eating all food you're allergic to. This means you will basically live on spelt bread, vegetables, and rice milk. Not the kind of stuff you feel compelled to over-eat.

5. The eat healthy food and exercise regularly diet: I've never personally tried this diet because it sounds boring. But I hear it works, so why don't you give it a shot?

6. The Whatever Diet. Seen below. Throw out your scale and eat whatever you want and just pretend to be thin. This is by far the best diet ever, well it's my favorite anyway!

Creepy Crawlies and Slimy Things

I found this little guy on our screen door a few mornings ago. I just found a stick bug there a little while back. And I find huge spiders there all the time (ew). It's like a magnet for giant bugs. Or whatever they are, arachnids?

I have never seen a slug this big. I know it's weird to take pictures of slugs but it was just so massive.

A cute little froggy outside our house. He wasn't shy, Kaylee even pet him a few times before he hopped away. Then she threw a huge fit because she wanted to bring him inside and keep him as a friend, lol.