Random Rambling

I have been having a bad few days... Been pretty depressed. So glad I'm beginning to snap out of it! I feel bad because I treated my husband like crap. =( Now I'm just trying to focus on things that make me happy... My daughter did not cry when I dropped her off at school today. Major happy moment for me when she said, "Have a good day, Mommy," as I left. And my first prenatal appointment is tomorrow. I get to find out my due date! I'm pretty excited. Hopefully I will start to feel better and things will start to resolve themselves. I just hate waiting and wondering. With my husband's job transfer up in the air, I am going crazy not knowing whether he is going to start working close to home. I NEED him now, even more than before, now that I am pregnant. It already makes me cry when I have to tell Kaylee that Daddy will be home soon, when it won't be for days... And trying to take care of a newborn when I am in that emotional state seems like it will be just awful.

Happy Halloween, all! I can't wait to dress Kaylee up as an adorable kitten and go trick-or-treating later. =)


Facebook... Why does it have to be so evil?

I love Facebook. I can share pictures of my daughter with my aunts that live in Tennessee and my friend that lives in California and all the other people in my life, all at once. I can keep track of how my friends and family are doing, at midnight, if that's the first free moment I have had all day. Yes, there are many benefits to Facebook, but then there is the evil lurking behind that nice exterior.


Okay, so now that Facebook is so big, basically everyone you know can see everything you post. And then anyone who comments, it can be seen by everyone else you know. And all of your comments on other peoples' posts can be seen by everyone THEY know. And on top of all that, Facebook now has all these neat little features to increase the chance that everyone will see everything you say, ANYWHERE.

For example, the other day, I commented on my husband's brother's girlfriend's (for simplicity's sake, I refer to her as my sister-in-law) status. She said that she missed her boyfriend / my brother-in-law while he was at work. I said, I feel the same way. Meaning, I miss my husband while he's at work. They both work far away from us. So, my mother-in-law misunderstands and comments that she doesn't appreciate me participating in this drama. I reply that I commented that on Thursday, before there was any drama, and I didn't say anything dramatic. I miss my husband while he's at work, that is no secret, and I don't see why I shouldn't say it.

So yesterday, I had to delete a whole conversation off of my wall where my husband tells me his phone is dead so if I have called, that's why he couldn't answer. My sister-in-law has told him I was trying to reach him, yes, and I was mad, etc. etc. I won't go into the whole, long story. Anyway, my husband's aunt posts that this stuff should be kept to private messages. And there were a few more comments, but they were deleted immediately, because I had no desire to read them.

My feelings are hurt. I want to cry. I don't want this drama on my page. And I feel like my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law, I guess you would call her, are now mad at me. I am the person who has always tried my hardest to create a good relationship with my in laws since we first met. And here, I am just trying to remain friends with my sister-in-law AND the rest of my in laws, but apparently I can't do that. Apparently I must choose.  All because of some stupid Facebook drama!

I don't start this drama. I have never said anything malicious against anyone on Facebook. I know my comments are free for all to see, and I haven't posted anything that I thought would bother anyone. But no matter what I do, I am sucked into this drama. I am the least dramatic person in the world. The very thought of any sort of confrontation or people not liking me makes me super upset. My heart races, I get depressed, I want to hide away forever. I seriously consider moving far, far away so where no one knows us. I've made staying close to my family and my husband's family a priority because I want Kaylee to grow up knowing her family, and I know everyone wants to see her grow up. But at this point, it's getting old. I don't want to delete my Facebook, because I will not be able to keep in touch with my friends and family as well.

I'm just very disappointed right now. I just found out I am pregnant so I should be thrilled. But this stupid Facebook drama is ruining it for me. I thought I could keep my profile free of the evil that is drama, but I have failed.

My Cousin On The Thom Hartmann Show!

My last post was about my cousin being on the Thom Hartmann show but I didn't have the link. Well, here it is! =)

More News!

My cousin just spoke on the Thom Hartmann show! I'm so proud of him. He is only 12 and an activist in the Occupy movement. Most kids his age don't know enough about politics to even have an opinion, let alone have the maturity and courage to speak out for what they believe in. I know I didn't at that age. And he will also be at the Enough is Enough rally. If I can get a babysitter, I may go with him. =)

In other news, I may be PREGNANT!!!! I'm going completely nuts, not knowing for sure. I did this pregnancy test 2 days ago, and got a weak positive line. I could BARELY see it. So I have been going crazy thinking about it, but really did not believe I was pregnant. After all, do you know how many negative pregnancy tests I've done in the past 4 and a half months? And I haven't had a period in 4 months. I was sort expecting for it to return before I became pregnant? So anyway, I bought a different brand, that actually spelled it out for me. Pregnant or Not Pregnant. So I took it and I saw a faint Not. What the HECKKKK. But it disappeared and now it says Pregnant. I've looked at it about 100 times today. I think this is really happening! I'm going to try to get into the doctor tomorrow. Just so they can tell me for sure, and maybe tell me how far along I am?! I can't believe I didn't write down the last time we had sex and the last time I tested. I had honestly given up temporarily. Ugh, I'm so excited, so hopeful, so worried... Gosh, I might throw up just because of all this nervousness, and I don't even have any morning sickness yet.

NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can't fix things in your life. Then other times, it seems like just when you've quit trying, everything seems to just work itself out! These times remind me that determination goes hand-in-hand with faith. We should never give up but also realize than when we've done all we can, we just need to wait for a different toss of the die for everything to turn around! Every day is a brand new day. =)

Anyway, enough of that inspirational crap. (JK. ;) I have some EXCITING NEWS!! Things are looking up around here and part of the reason is... My mom and I have started her old business back up! It was named after me and due to the old fan base, I guess we can't change it. It makes me feel so weird to run a business named after myself, but I guess I can't rename it after my own daughter, anyway. It's called Camille's Cotton Clothes and if we renamed it, it would be called Kaylee's Kotton Klothes? Other than the fact that spelling things wrong on purpose goes against my OCD, that would be KKK for short, and uh, that's a no-no. Doubley so because we are Jewish, hahah. ^^; Yes, my family is messed up... We found that *quite* funny.

We have not ordered any of the supplies needed to start the business yet, but I did put up a Facebook fan page and an Etsy account. =) I'm trying to figure out what everyone wants to see us start off with selling, because we want to start small. I already have a few requests for baby clothes and women's dresses. Add in your opinion, even if you're not looking to order. I don't care if tie-dye is your thing or not, feel free to add a comment saying what you think I should sell. =) Or any other suggestions are welcome, seriously! And before you write tie-dye off, for real, you should see some of the stuff! (On the fan page's photo album.) It's literally wearable art. My mom calls it wearable fun but she just doesn't realize how much of a wonderful artist she is!

The best part of this is my mom hand-dyes each piece with love. It's important to her (and now, me too!) to only use hypo-allergenic cotton, styles of clothing she has tried out on herself and kids, and fair-trade/made in America. We are probably going Organic this time around! We are not in this to make money... My mom has the passion to create things, be artistic, make friends, and share wholesome clothing. I just have a general passion for baby clothes! It's more of an obsession or addiction, really. ;) We're going to make a great team, I can't wait!! We both hope this will be a positive thing in our lives, especially because this time it doesn't have to be about the money. When my mother first started this business, she was a single mom raising 2 kids on the income from it! But now we are not that desperate for money, and can't wait to have some fun! =D

The Sun Will Rise

the pain reminds me i'm alive
the hard times show me i am strong
the darkness tells me to have faith
the sun will rise before too long

Click here to go to the rest of my poetry. :)

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday!

First day of school!

New backpack from Mommom!

They send home a Toddler Activity Report every day. =)

Wore herself out at school.

Telling Geegee all about her first day.

She wanted a "small cup" for her grape juice... Now it looks like wine lol!

Playing outside. This autumn's theme song is "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry.

Happy that I've released her back into the wild.

Wearing a shirt my mom made when she had her tie-dye business.

Rain gear!

So grouchy on the way to her second day of school.

She really didn't want to wake up that early. We're still working on the whole schedule thing.


Welcome to another episode of The Funny Sleeping Positions of Kaylee.

This is the best one yet.
We had a rule about only having the toys out of one drawer at a time. I don't know what happened to it.
Playing with her many baby dolls.
The triplets: Favorite Baby, Bottle Baby, and Bedtime Baby. Hahah!

Second Day Of School

Today was Kay's second day of school. She went to bed late last night so she was really tired and cranky this morning. She cried the entire time I got her ready and it broke my heart. She just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. I tried to give her breakfast on the way but she wouldn't eat it. Luckily, they have snack time an hour after they get there, so she'll hopefully eat then. I sat with them in circle time for a few minutes until she seemed to cheer up a bit, then did a quick see you soon and slipped out. I had to order Steven to leave before that because she was clinging to him and sitting in his lap. She always knows Daddy will save her. She knew to appeal to him when we were going inside, she starting whining piteously that she wanted to go home with her daddy hahah. So sad but also so cute. Poor thing. I keep having to remind myself this is better in the long run for her to have the social experience and for me to get my degree.

So we went out for a quick breakfast, and of course I was freaking out. I saw a kid in a high chair, I felt like crying. I saw what she liked to eat on the menu and I felt like crying. I saw a toy machine on the way out and yeah, you guessed it, I felt like crying. So after that we headed to the mall to return some boots we just got for Kaylee that turned out to be too small. Being in a children's store made me feel very strongly like crying. Then passing the kid's play area on the way out made me actually tear up but with Steven's constant reassurance we left without me having a panic attack hahah. Ask me how glad I am that we have to leave in 2 minutes to pick her up. That's 45 minutes early and boy is it a relief. I miss her like crazy, I don't know how I will ever get used to this. Of course, the reason we have to pick her up early is also going to upset me. We're off the the pediatrician to get her a tetanus shot. Steven's not coming, it's just me and my mom and we're both not great in that situation. I can only imagine how much fun it's going to be. Oh well, hopefully she'll get over it and we can have a nice afternoon with my family. (If you knew my family, you'd laugh at that.)

Oh and yeah, Steven started his new schedule. He's on afternoon shift now. I hate it in some ways, love it in others. Love that we can drop Kaylee off at school together, that's for sure! And that he can talk me through the nearly 4 hours she's there so I don't have a breakdown. I seriously start thinking I'm traumatizing her and she's not ready etc. etc. But it's better to start her now slowly and get her used to it than have to put her in just bam and not be able to come get her when I started back to college in January. Sigh, I pray to God that we are both used to it by then, or I will do HORRIBLY during class and fail everything!

My Baby's First Day Of School!

After manically making all the preparations I could think of yesterday afternoon, and staying up all night because of nervousness, we took Kaylee to her first day of school an hour ago. She dove right into playing and to look at the kids, you'd never know it was their first day. (Today was the first day this school was open, it's a brand new location.) I just called to check on her and she's doing great. It's snack time and I'm told she was eating, which is a relief because she refused to eat breakfast. She hasn't cried yet and it's been an hour so that's very reassuring! I'm still freaking out about the rest of the day. And I'm so mad at myself because I forgot to take pictures this morning before we left. But she was very cranky because she just woke up, so they wouldn't have been the best pictures anyway. I thought of taking some when we were there, but I was trying not to get emotional or make a big deal out of it. I think the way we left, with a casual 'see you soon,' was really the best way to go about it. I thought about telling her that if she needed me, to just tell the teacher and I would come back and get her, but I decided to just keep it as low key as possible and not give her any negative ideas. If she cries and they can't cheer her up pretty quickly, they promised they would call. So I know everything is fine, but I just have so many mixed feelings about her making it through the whole 4 hours. I want her to, but I don't want us to be disappointed if she doesn't. And I have this dreading feeling that she's going to suddenly realize she hasn't seen me for a long time and launch into a huge tantrum. But I'll try to stay positive. I guess I'll go get some cleaning done and maybe watch tv. (How weird will that be?!) I feel like I'm in nap mode, because there's no toddler around, so I keep thinking she must be sleeping. I keep trying to be as quiet as possible, hahah!

Kaylee Quotes

Stuff my 2 year old has said that made me crack up!

"Rockets on deck! Tell me what's next, alien sex!" (From the song ET by Katy Perry with Kanye.)

"Mommy, you're the biggest mommy in the whole world!"

"I feel empty inside."

"I'm going to run away, crying!"

"Don't touch my private area!" (She got that from me telling her not to touch the dog's private area.)

"What the f***, Mommy?!" (Thankfully, she has stopped saying that!! She's starting preschool tomorrow and I'd be mortified if she said it at school.)

"You're pissing me off." (I admit, this one is my fault, but it's the only cuss word that is!)

"How wonderful, how thoughtful!"

Me: "Come here and help me clean up." Kaylee: "Oookay. But I won't like it!"

"PS He is not getting the moon and PPS when I'm done with him he's going to be begging for mercy!" (She got that from Despicable Me, hahah!)

Me: "Do you want soup or mac & cheese?" Kaylee: "Sorry, I'm not home right now."

"Mommy, I can't seem to fly!" *starts to cry, flapping arms*

"The honey farted!"

Flock Together Blog Hop!

Join in and hop with us! I am guest host this week! =D (And yes, I know it is not Tuesday anymore, but it runs for 5 days!)

A Day With My Family

Yesterday, my mom and I were supposed to go to Kaylee's school to pick up some paperwork. As we were leaving, my mom tells me that we have to clean off the windshield before we can go because my little brother drew some inappropriate pictures in chocolate on it. My first reaction was, Why did he waste perfectly good chocolate?! Mom laughed, but I was serious. Anyway, I cleaned it off with a wipe but Mom insisted on going back inside and getting a streak-free window wipe, then had to go BACK in because she forgot her keys. By the time we finally left, we were running late of course. We got there, got the paperwork, which by the way we needed because we had lost the last folder they gave us, and went onto pick up some coffee. Even though we were already running late, Mom decided she really needed it, and it would only take 5 minutes. She also decided stopping at a donut place instead of a drive-thru or 7 Eleven would for some reason be a preferable idea. So we went in and instead of ordering, started talking to this guy who was there with his 3 year old son. Kaylee and the little boy started running around and playing. Mom finally ordered, then proceeded to ask what the little boy's first... last... and MIDDLE name was, blaming it on ME, saying that I was obsessed with baby names. Yes, I am, but I don't generally act all creepy and stalkerish by asking random people their child's ENTIRE name hahah. We said goodbye and went back to the car and as we were getting in, I mentioned that it probably sounded weird that she asked the boy's entire name. She replied, "Oh, if you want to stalk someone, you really need the parent's name, not the kid's name, because the kid doesn't have any records yet!" or something along those lines. And just as she was saying that, I realized that the man was getting into his car, right next to ours. I was like, "Mom, I'm pretty sure he's getting our plate number right now and is going to report us," which she thought was extremely funny.

Ok. So then we got home and picked up my little brother Zeke, who was mad because we were running late (are we ever not?!) and he had a baseball game to get to. We headed off to pick my grandma up from the doctor (50 minute drive). Kaylee decided she would not nap the whole way there even though it was her nap time. We got Grandma, then Mom dropped Grandma, Kaylee, and me back at Grandma's house, and went to take Zeke to his baseball game. I tried to get Kaylee to nap again but she was too excited to hang out with Grandma and my other brother, Harry (he lives with my grandma). We do go there at least once a week but Harry's often at work so we don't see him very much. I ended up falling asleep and woke up to Kaylee telling me she had a poop accident. I put her in the bath and Grandma came in and handed her a toy, which she got poop on. Then Grandma picked up her clothes, which had poop on them. I told Grandma to wash her hands with soap and she acted like she was just doing it to humor me. -_- When I was finished cleaning everything up, we went to the grocery store. Grandma asked if I needed anything and I tried to say no but she ended up buying me a bunch of stuff. She got Kaylee new bath toys and a doll. (This is like her 15th doll?) So that was nice of her, and in case the next part sounds like I'm not a grateful grand-daughter, I really am, I promise!

So we were finishing up shopping and Grandma decides she's going to open the cheese. She rips the WRONG SIDE open, and as I'm trying to explain about the ziplock side, she just laughs at me like I'm ridiculous. I give up and try to close it up so the cheese doesn't fall out while we're shopping. I ask her if we can get muffins and she says sure, and throws them in the back. They all fall out and she squishes them back in. The germs of her hands, the cart, and the fact that they are now smushed just about gives me a panic attack so I put them back and get a different package. Bad me. Anyway, we are checking out. I was telling her that she doesn't need to get Kaylee everything she wants and that I'll pay her back for the stuff she bought us. She brushed me off and I was like, seriously, she's going to be spoiled. And Grandma goes, "Well, I spoiled you, and I will spoil her, and if you don't like it..." she trails off and starts to try and hit me with the cheese. Then the cashier tells us there is a problem and they are shutting down and to go to a different line. She probably just didn't want to deal with us. When we left, she insisted on pushing the cart, even though she said she felt weak. She has a freaking collapsed lung due to cancer and she still won't let me push the cart, plus I had to fight her to carry the groceries upstairs to her apartment. Oh and kept having to stop her from pushing the cart into people and behind cars that were pulling out, which she was completely oblivious to and kept pushing me off as if I was just hanging onto the cart to be annoying.

I ate 3 muffins for dinner because I am afraid to use any dishes in her house. She doesn't load the dish washer right and as I was emptying it for her, I saw that they were literally all still dirty. I tried to convince her to rewash them but she said, "No, that thing runs for an hour, so they must all be clean! Put them away!" Anyway, Kaylee refuses to eat any sort of dinner and starts running around, singing really loudly, and acting nutty. Mom finally gets back to pick us up at like 9pm. Kaylee falls asleep on the way home, THANK GOD. And she slept through the ride and then through the night. That part was pretty awesome. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and luckily Steven let me sleep in this morning. I only woke up when he was leaving for work. It was just so amazing, I can't even tell you. As much as I hate his hours for many reasons, they do have their perks. Or at least one perk anyway, I forgot how much I absolutely love sleeping in!

I grew up in this chaos that is The Schoenbergs! But I'm not as used to it anymore, that's for sure, because one day like that leaves me emotionally and physically EXHAUSTED!

If You Ever Start Thinking This Is A "Perfect Mommy Blog"

Here are some of the things that have happened this week.

I told Kaylee to clean up her popsicle stick that she had thrown on the floor. A minute later, "Mommy, I cleaned everything up!" She had thrown her popsicle stick away. And everything in the recycling bin. And her sippy cup. And my pad of paper and pen. -_- Yay for going through the trash!

So I saw Kaylee holding my chapstick and took it away. It was empty. "Did you eat this?" "Yes." Great. I knew it was probably edible but I had to be sure so I went next door to ask my mom if she thought I should call poison control. She said no, so after we went home, I was still freaking out about her eating, then stepped in a gob of it and slipped and fell on my butt. Once I realized what it was, I was relieved, because that meant she couldn't have eaten much of it. But I was still on the verge of calling poison control and crying the rest of the day.

Another example of me severely underestimating how long her arms are because I put something on the table and I think it's too far back for her to get it... I hear Kaylee gulping something behind me, turn around to see what it is because I didn't think she could be gulping from a sippy cup, and she has my tea. My caffeinated tea. And she has just chugged the last half of it. Yeah, no nap that day...

I laid down with her to take our nap and I fell straight asleep. She apparently got up, opened her arts and crafts drawer, and drew all over the carpet with marker. Then climbed up on my dresser and said something about how she couldn't get my earrings off my earring board thingy. That woke me up and I got her down thinking, great now she can climb up on my dresser! -_- Then I was surprised to find the marker later because I thought I had dozed off only for the amount of time it took her to climb up there. I haven't managed to get it out yet.

She came over to nurse and usually she does not nurse for long so I figured, ok I will nurse her for a few minutes then go pee. She decided this would be a long session. I was starting to wonder if she had decided to start breastfeeding back up in full force and she was determined to get my supply back up this very minute. I told her I had to pee, and she just laughed. Still latched, yes she has skills. I said, I'm going to pee my pants. More laughter. I asked her, please, can I go pee, I will come *right* back! More laughter, and I told her it wasn't funny. She laughed so hard that she accidentally bit me. My left nipple is still sore. I pretty much never want to breastfeed from it again.

This is not a particular incident but we can never ever watch a movie together unless it is Care Bears. And only a certain one. Right now, she likes this one from like the 80s. Which was neat the first time because I remembered watching it as a kid. But not the next hundred times. Now I constantly have this song stuck in my head. "Nobody cares like a bear!" It makes me want to rip a Care Bear's head right off. Haven't you ever wondered if they are real live animals or stuffed animals? I have, and I think that would be a good way to find out.

My husband has a new job with more than an hour commute time and he stays overnight up to 4 nights a week. I can not drive and there's nothing within walking distance around here. Let me put it simply for you, we're going crazy here! Especially rainy days when we can't go play outside!! Can not WAIT for this kid to start school. We are still waiting for the school to open because it's a brand new location. They originally told us they were hoping to get their government approval to open by October 1 but needless to say, that didn't happen! And to think I was dreading her going to school then. I thought I would miss her too much and have a breakdown. Well, I think I'm just about ready to let go on that first day now. =P

Did You Know Ibuprofen Is Dangerous While Pregnant?

I just came across this article. I suddenly found myself trying to remember if I had taken Ibuprofen in the few weeks I was pregnant, before I found out. I know I had recently, but couldn't remember how many weeks ago it was. Could this be what caused my miscarriage? I just don't know... But I thought I would pass this on.

Fertility Shopping =)

Ok, WHY is it so hard to find anything to increase fertility while breastfeeding? Online research has led me mostly to 2 answers. "If you're not ovulating yet, you're trying again too soon, you probably have 5 kids already, all 2 months apart, so just stop now," and, "Absolutely nothing is safe to take while breastfeeding except a regular multi-vitamin, bread, and water so if you want to take any sort of medication or supplement, you must immediately wean." After hours of research, I finally found some info and we're going shopping tomorrow to pick up some stuff. Hopefully it will get my period back on track. At least it will make me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING. I know 4 months doesn't seem like a long time to be trying for another baby, but it does to me. Especially when I haven't had a single period in that time. I feel so hopeless. I always thought the hard part would be to space my kids out far enough. I never dreamed I'd be nearing my daughter's third birthday and not have our second on the way yet. I got my period back when she was 14 months old and I'm starting to wonder if I will get it back 14 months after this miscarriage. If that happens, well, at least I'm halfway there... In the mean time, can't wait to go "fertility shopping" tomorrow!

I Don't Feel Like Talking

So I'll just do a Wordless Sunday. It doesn't have as much of a ring to it but just say it a few times, it'll grow on you.

My family.




Arie Berry.

My handsome boy.

My loyal Molly girl.

Nursing. =)

She rarely settles down and actually nurses anymore. I never know when our last long session will be, this could be it.

I straightened my hair and actually don't look like crap. Yes, it's so rare that I took a picture. xP

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

This is the second time I've been given this award, how neat is that?! I am like totally famous. (SHUT UP, I'M FAMOUS... AT LEAST IN MY HEAD.) Thank you so much to CuteCoconut who decided to give it to me this time around!! She's a mommy who likes spicy food and blogs about coupons, books, style, recipes, and more! I just met her but I can tell she's awesome, check her out! =D

Alrighty, let's see. When accepting this award, you're supposed:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded it to you and link back to them.
2. Reveal 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 15 newly discovered blogs.

Since I've already done number 1, here is 2!

1. I am trying really hard to learn how to sew right now but it's not going so well! I still dream of one day making dolls, quilts, baby clothes, and other things. =)
2. I once took a road trip to Washington (the state, not DC) all the way from Maryland. I'm not really allowed to talk about that because we were sort of fugitives and some people might be mad and try to take legal action if I put the details online!
3. I don't talk about it much but I have Asperger's Syndrome. The reason I don't talk about it much is because I see it as more of a personality difference than a burden or a mental illness. But in case I am somehow socially ignorant, just know that it was probably due to my different way of processing things, not intentional rudeness. =)
4. Inuyasha is my celebrity crush. =P
5. I am seriously addicted to pastries and coffee and I am DYING of withdrawal. I haven't had either in over a week! I'm thinking about walking to 7 Eleven right now even though it's like 2 miles away and I have a toddler.
6. My husband is gone for work and I miss him like crazy right now!! That counts as a fact about me, right?
7. I might be all out of facts about myself. But here's a random fact I realized in an amazing moment of clarity the other day. Everything in the world is good with either cheese or chocolate. Except pretzels, they are good with both! Sooo, I've concluded that pretzels are The Chosen Food. I know, I know. I'm a genius!

Now for 15 blogs that I want to pass this award onto! Give me 5 seconds though, I have to be right back and get my daughter from my mom's house.

Okay, here we go!

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Tell me if I made any typos with your blog names! I'm paranoid that I did for some reason. Also, tell me if for some reason you do not want the award. I apologize if you didn't and I will immediately take your name off. =)

I Always Want To Shield Myself...

...from stories that depress me. Such as blogs that are about ill children. But I read one today... And it gave me a little perspective. Ignorance may be bliss, but knowing that there are bad things in this world can make you appreciate the good things even more. Even in the saddest story, there is joy. And even in the most painful moment, there is something beautiful. I'm grateful for a reminder of this. I needed one.

Friday Blog Hops!

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I Can't Imagine How I Would Feel...

If my daughter was taken from me. As I was reading about this little girl, Ayn, I literally felt her dad's pain. I hope the government returns her to her family soon. She has a dad and 2 brothers who miss her very much, and I can only imagine what a little girl her age (I believe she is 9), especially being Autistic, is going through, being away from her family. Just can't believe something like this happened...

EDIT 2/5/12: I just found out that her mom has been allowed to visit her but not as often as she would like. She has not been returned to her family yet. I can't believe this is STILL going on.

Random Blather

Today feels more like Spring than it does Fall... I have the window open and we went outside barefoot this morning.

Then I discovered Pinterest... And that's what I have been doing since then. 0=)

My mom brought me a delicious berry smoothie which I'm sharing with Kaylee right now while I sign up for some blog hops. If she eats nothing else today, at least this thing has fruits, veggies, and protein powder in it.

I'm psyching myself up not to do my regular evening binging and ruin my day of eating healthy and exercising. Wow, now I really sound like I have an eating disorder. I don't think I do, I just tend to overeat at night...

I've decided on my top 5 names for a boy and top 5 names for a girl. No, I'm not pregnant. Just... TTC and neurotic. =) I want to ask Steven what he thinks but I'm afraid he'll explode if I mention baby names anymore. I've sort of been asking him about names since Kaylee was a couple months old, and she's almost 3 now. ^^;

Well, Kaylee's ready for her nap and I'm going to go watch Teen Mom. Even though it always upsets me. >_<

Wordless Wednesday

These are all from the past week... Yes, the weather has been having severe bi-polar lol.

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