I already posted about Hanukkah with my family but looks like I forgot to post about Christmas with my in laws. Oops!

Knocked out at Christmas party.

Purpley, Bluey, and Pinky the kitties lol. Present from cousins!

A bowl she got as a present from Mommom.

It's really cool.

It actually works!

Kaylee, Mommom, and Daddy.

Amazing Christmas light display in Delaware.


This part was a little creepy. Santa was animated and singing. o_o

"Who's that?" "Baby Jesus." "And what's that?" "A polar bear." LOL it's a lamb... You had to be there.

My mother-in-law's Christmas tree.

This cool top with dancing ballerinas inside.

The present Steven gave his mom... It looks so real! It flies around and everything. My brother-in-law tried to release it. xD

Kisses for Mommom.

Christmas picture... We're all color coordinated and stuff.

I look like craaap. Oh well.

A book Steven got me. xD

I was cracking up the whole time I was reading this thing.

I can't believe this is her third Christmas... Time sure flies.

Christmas 2009.

Christmas 2009 with Mommom and Uncle Wayne.

Christmas morning 2009 with Daddy.

Christmas morning 2009 with Mommy.

Christmas 2010.

Christmas 2010.

Christmas 2010.

Christmas 2010.

Christmas 2010.

Breastfeeding in Public o_o

I hesitate to write this, because to be perfectly honest, I spent most of my life thinking "lactivists" were crazy Boob Nazis. I never bothered to read articles or blog entries about weird breastfeeding topics (like this one lol). But here I go.

When I first had Kaylee, I thought that breastfeeding in public was embarrassing. I wasn't against those who did it, but it just wasn't for me. I figured that most of the population was with me and those that weren't were extremists. Like I said, I had nothing against them, but I wasn't ready to live that lifestyle. Especially because it seems like it involves standing up and fighting for it on a daily basis.

Okay, so these seemingly innocent comments such as "what's so hard about going to the car or restroom to breastfeed" and "what's so hard about bringing a bottle when you go out" seemed acceptable to me at first. But then one day I found myself in the bathroom at the grocery store, looking around at pee on the floor, smelling cleaner and the faint lingering scent of poop, with my arms getting tired from holding my baby because there is no place to sit. By the end, I am near tears, praying that she would be done soon, but she's going through a growth spurt here, and she refuses all bottles as if they are poisonous. Then I realized, this had gone too far. I had had enough of sacrificing my happiness for the sake of the public's uneasiness.

Warning, I'm about to go all crazy lactivist on you. Okay, THIS IS A HUMAN'S RIGHTS ISSUE. I am a woman, and I should have equal rights, even after becoming a mother. My rights do not get to be taken away for 6 months, every time I have a baby, and they can not eat solids yet. I should not have to suffer for the sake of others. I am still human, and I still have rights. I don't get to be told to go into confinement, that is like punishing me by treating me like a lesser human being who doesn't get to be a part of society if I want to feed or comfort my screaming baby. I should be able to eat a nice meal at a restaurant, my baby quietly nestled under my shirt while I eat my food while it's warm and have a conversation with my family. I should not have to go sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes, come out to find my food cold, that my family is almost done eating, and I have to watch an energetic baby while I try to shovel cold food into my mouth.

Yes, I KNOW it sounds crazy. It sounds crazy if you haven't been there. It sounded crazy to me before I became a breastfeeding mom. But it's the truth. Men, people without children, bottle-feeding parents, teenagers, etc. should stop telling breastfeeding moms what to do. They have not been there, they have not had to live through real life situations that happen every single day in the life of a breastfeeding mom. It is ignorant. It's just like racism and sexism. It is hateful words and acts against a group of people, just for being who they are. And it's not like we are standing up and waving our boobies around in the wind. You see more boob on the front of most magazines. How FREAKING hard is it to just look the other way and let the mother and baby live in peace??

Lol, so... Do you think I'm a crazy, over-reacting, ranting Boob Nazi now? =P

Yet Another Photo Dump =D

Just lol.




We made a lion den.

Aren't Simba and Nala cute?

She was so happy that Geegee was visiting!

Geegee is my grandma.

Silly smile lol.

She has my ears lol.


I've been tagged by... Jessi! She's a mommy of 2 ADORABLE boys. I love reading her blog, her posts are smart and funny. They always crack me up and/or make me think. =)

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11 Random Things About Me
1. I am awful at thinking of random things about myself! (Oops, think I copied that one from Jessi.)
2. I'm watching Charmed right now.
3. It's 11:11.
4. I always felt that wishes should be made at 12:34 as opposed to 11:11. Don't know where I got that idea.
5. I hate the "Mommy Wars." It seriously stresses me out sometimes.
6. I'm allergic to dairy. But I sometimes eat/drink it anyway, then I get eczema rashes. >=(
7. I have a bigger stuffed animal collection than my kid.
8. My guilty pleasures are coffee, (caffeinated) tea, chocolate, and pastries!
9. I love watching Disney and other kid's movies... Even when my daughter is asleep or not home.
10. I believe in the power of positive energy!!
11. I have the theme song from "Pinky Dinky Do" stuck in my head, arg!

Jessi's Questions
1. If you had unlimited amounts of money, what would you do with it? Buy a house. Haven't thought much farther than that hahah.
2. Name one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet {and explain why}. Umm, become a black belt in Taekwondo. I just haven't had the time, money, and discipline all at the same time yet!
3. Do you believe that the world is going to end in 2012? No.
4. Name three material objects in your home that you adore and why. My computer, my tv, and my PS3. Sad, right?
5. What do you like to do with your significant other on date night? Watch tv or movies and cuddle. Or the regular dinner and a movie thing. =)
6. What's the biggest surprise you've ever received from your significant other? I don't know, he recently surprised me with a cake and flowers on my birthday. I wasn't expecting it because he works late and we had planned to celebrate later on the weekend but he went out before I woke up and had everything ready when I got up!
7. What was your favourite part/moment of Christmas this year? That my daughter was old enough to really appreciate opening gifts this year.
8. Do you want your kids to believe in Santa, or are you anti-Santa? Why? We tell her that he is real now, but if she asks later on for the truth, I will tell her he is pretend.
9. What is your favourite thing about blogging? It's a good way to vent. And also, I've made some cool friends!
10. Why do you blog? I started out just to vent about stuff. Now, I dunno, I just enjoy it. =)
11. What's the weirdest dream you've ever had? I dunno, I've had a lot of weird dreams, but recently I dreamed that I was murdered by zombie ninjas and became one myself. After I made sure my daughter was safe, I had to kill myself because otherwise I'd eventually become a mindless killing machine. o_o Yeah, it was disturbing!

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Ahh, The Joys and Awkwardness of Being a Breastfeeding Mom

That awkward moment when your 2 and a half year old runs into your grandma's bedroom while she's getting dressed, and as she is bending over to put on her pants, latches onto her breast...... My grandma didn't even breastfeed her kids. Luckily, she took this all in good humor and found it hysterical. Kaylee was pleased with her sneak attack, she's still retelling the story to me.

The awkward moment when your toddler informs a room full of guests that her mommy's boobs are named "Nursie" and "Milkie." I actually found that cute.

Then there's that awkward moment when your mother-in-law comes in and says "You're still breastfeeding?" Like she asks me basically every time I see her since Kaylee turned 1, so basically once or twice a month for the past year and a half or so. But that wasn't the awkward part. The thing was, for once, I did not know what to say! She has actually weaned herself. (Except for she is back to nursing in the night; he has nightmares or night terrors, not sure, and wakes up confused and scared a few times a night.) So anyway, I was like, "Um, actually, she's just sleeping in my lap. I'm not nursing her." It's like, hey Mom-in-law, I love you, but in my family, weaning before the third birthday is weird! I'm gonna nurse this long, if not longer, with all our future kids too and I hope you're not going to ask me bi-weekly if I am STILL breastfeeding for 2+ years with each child we ever have. I do have to admire her persistence though. Everyone else gave up wondering when I'd wean her. One thing I would really like to ask... Why the hurry? What does it affect anyone else if my kid still gets a little comfort boob every now and again? Just keeps them quiet and calm, which let's face it, anything that does that for a toddler should be respected, if not viewed as a Godsend. Oh whatever.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there's my mom. She keeps encouraging me to get Kaylee back to the breast. I say this respectfully, but nursing for 4+ years with all of us, I think she doesn't know how to deal with a toddler without being able to use breastfeeding. It's annoying the heck out of me because I'm really ready to stop. I feel that Kaylee stopped gradually and it was the right time for both of us. I did the whole "don't offer, don't refuse" thing. Now, every time I go over to my mom's house (which is a lot, because she lives next door) she always offers up my boobs to Kaylee, and it's like, um they're not yours to offer! The awkward part comes in when she starts randomly getting all impassioned about breastfeeding with one of my friends, an in law, or some random person we meet in public. Yes, she actually does that.

Mostly Wordless Wednesday =)

Piggy tails!

Poor Aries recovering from being neutered.

Priscilla being lazy hahah.

Playing with Daddy on the boat.

Me looking like crap, Kaylee acting crazy, and Molly being cute!

Pigs will fly when they both look at the camera at the same time!

I love to torture my kid. xD

Kaylee and Uncle Harry. =)

Kaylee somehow climbed onto the toilet, then onto the sink, got my nail polish from the top shelf of the mirror, then opened it, and painted her nails lol!

My surprise birthday cake from my husband. <3

And my birthday flowers!

Some of Kaylee's artwork from school.

A pinecone turkey and a "Thankful Tree" (the leaves each say something she is grateful for).

Her gingerbread house! (Yum.)