Another Day In The Boring Life Of Me

Ew, I just ate a rotten chip. Yuck. Didn't know chips could go rotten.

So right now I'm watching Heartland.. It's this show about a girl who's mom dies and leaves behind a horse ranch. My husband thinks it's lame and keeps teasing me about it, but I like it. Yes, it's sort of a typical show, but I like the characters. They seem real, and I also really like the fact that they don't sleep around. They do sort of kiss around sometimes.. Hahah. But I think their romances are really cute and sweet. And the setting is seriously beautiful, I forget which province in Canada it is. The horses are giving me severe horse fever. Man, would I love to move somewhere and have horses! Unfortunately, Netflix only has up to halfway through Season 2 and the videos on the website don't work, but I am watching it on YouTube. Did you know they took away the time limit on YouTube videos? Yeah, I've been watching full 45 minute episodes on there, it's pretty cool.


Viki said…
I love the button! It's cute, funny and has a great purpose!

I gave you an award on my blog, go see :)
Kate said…
Hey Camille. That's good news about the time limit on You-Tube - I didn't know that. I love shows about country life, too.
Thanks for visiting me.
Mary said…
Cute Button & I love horses too, in carousel form though :) I am scared of the real things.

Can't wait to read more,
Mary from Meowwzie
Mary said…
Hi, me again. Would you be interested in trading buttons? I took one of yours already :)

Mary from ♥ ♥

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