"Each person must live their life as a model for others." - Rosa Parks

when was the last time you were a black woman, sitting at the front of the bus, waiting to be told to move or leave, just for being who you are?

when was the last time you got "randomly checked" at the airport, and they claimed it had nothing to do with the fact that you are middle eastern?

when was the last time you were afraid to go to school, because every single day you heard the same words that made you feel HURT, ANGRY, and FED UP? (fat / ugly / homo / stupid / weird / and worse )

when was the last time you felt like you could not do something you HAD to without everyone around you glancing away awkwardly? (take your inhaler / walk with crutches / ride in a wheel chair)

when was the last time you were the full time caretaker of an elderly or disabled family member and they kept embarrassing you in public? ...and everyone from friends to random people in public asked why you didn't "put them in a home?"

when was the last time you got pregnant at a young age and everyone in public always looked at you like you're just an irresponsible slut and you wanted to shout, "i am a responsible mother-to-be on her way to a prenatal appointment so can you just stop staring already?!"


that is the way breastfeeding moms feel.

when you tell a breastfeeding mom to just go into the other room to feed, you are segregating her. how is that any different from sending black people to the back of the bus?

how do you think it feels to know that people are thinking negative things about you whenever your baby cries and you do the most natural thing possible to feed and soothe him/her? (gross / sexual / awkward / wrong / weird / crazy activist)

how do you think it feels to be told to go into a dirty bathroom or a cold/hot car and be alone while you breastfeeding when you could have just lifted your shirt a little, popped the baby underneath, and had a nice, calm lunch with your family? how do you think it feels to come back inside, have missed all the conversation, and have to gobble cold food while your mom watches your now energized baby?

how do you think it feels to be expected to buy a freaking expensive breast pump, learn to use it, and pray that you can produce milk that way. (personally, i never could get an ounce out!) then store the milk in baggies, refridgerate it when you go out (in a small cooler you also have to purchase), and bring a bottle warmer with you (you have to buy that, and batteries for it). OR just put it in a bottle and hope that your baby finishes the milk you worked so hard and paid so much money to get into that bottle before it goes bad. and also hope that your baby accepts the bottle nipple and temperature of the milk without crying his little head off so people end up staring at you like you're a bad mom. plus, paying for bottles and nipples when you are only breastfeeding is expensive and pointless. and formula is darn expensive and can upset a breastfed baby's tummy for DAYS.

i am SO truly happy for the breastfeeding moms who have no problem feeding their babies only in private or giving them a bottle of formula or pumped milk. sadly, that doesn't work out for everyone. the difference is, it should be the mom's choice of how and when they feed their baby. not the general public's. i'm sorry but i'm more worried about myself and my baby's comfort, not some random guy sitting in the next table over. he's probably fat and ugly and i don't want to see him in public either, but i have to anyway.

so, you want to know how it feels to be a breastfeeding mom? it feels like DISCRIMINATION. it feels awful. and it doesn't have a word like racism, homophobia, etc. but it's just as bad. we are told it makes others uncomfortable, but being discriminated against makes US feel uncomfortable!

for whatever reason you feed your baby in whatever way that you do, you should not be made to feel bad for it. having children is challenging enough without that crap!

please, people. don't contribute to the problem. DON'T HATE, DON'T DISCIMINATE! next time you see a nursing mom or a picture of a nursing mom just remember: we are normal people, too. and if it makes you feel better, just pretend there is a bottle in that baby's mouth, instead. we all have our own problems and we could all do without the ignorant judgment of others who have not walked in our shoes. we are all equal!!!!

why do i post these pictures? why do i breastfeed in public? the same reason rosa parks sat down at the front of the bus and refused to get up. i dream of the day when two moms can sit down, one can take out her boob, one can take out their bottle, and they can feed their babies together. different, but the same. ((and plus, i just wanna put a boob in my baby's mouth so she stops making that awful crying noise! =P))

peace. ♥


Beautiful Mess said…
*insert appalled tone here* Omg Camille, you posted your boob on your blog!

Great post. I agree 100%. I love that you are so passionate about getting people to understand how dumb they are being when they give you sh*t for feeding your baby naturally. Keep it up!

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