Flashback Friday - My Fashion Sense Has Always Been Awesome

Flashback Friday is where I post an old photo. :) It may be from 6 months ago or from 60 years ago. It may be me, my family, or possibly just something random. If you have something similar on your blog, please comment and link me to it!

No comment.

All white with rainbow socks = win.

If I was my mom, I'd run far far away, not take a picture.

I don't even know what's going on here.

The tie-dye short set with the shorts pulled up to my ribs... Unfortunately not a one time occurrence.

If you didn't know by now, my mom ran a tie-dye business when I was growing up.

Yes, I went to school dressed like this.

I went through a stage where I'd only wear overalls. This was right after the stage where I'd only wear old-fashioned dresses with petticoats. I couldn't find a picture of that...

Backwards cap with un-brushed hair...

No comment.

This is my elementary school graduation. x_X

This is my dressing as a boy phase. This was a very long stage. (PS That is a cow I sponsored for many years, Dolly, and I went to The Farm Sanctuary in New York to meet her! :)

I'm on the left. On the right is my best friend, Eva, and there's my little brother, Zeke, who didn't want to be left out. I'm so going to post this on Facebook and embarrass them in a second.

I dyed that outfit as a tiger costume for Halloween... And then wore it as a regular outfit until I outgrew it. (PS That is my old dog, Sombie, RIP. <3)

We didn't play cowboys and Indians. We just played Indians. And we went ALL OUT.

I don't even know.

And all through my teenage years, I wore jeans and GIANT t-shirts and/or sweatshirts lol. I was not very popular at school. (Those 2 adorable little boys are my brothers. =)


Lindsay said…
These are great Flashback photos! It's always fun to look back at the old days...haha.
Thanks for sharing your flashbacks. Glad I don't have any of mine.
LOVE the new pictures of you and Kaylee, so adorable!
Tara said…
You have such a great blog! I'm now following you from Welcome Wednesday. Feel free to follow back at www.dandygiveaway.com. :)
Cathenia said…
A tie dye business? I have to admit I'm a bit jealous. I love the rainbow outfit.

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