I Went To The Gym Today...

...and signed up for a 90 day fitness challenge! I'm pretty excited. It's going to feel so great to be exercising again. Although I may not be able to finish it if I get pregnant in the next few months, that's no reason to hold off. I shouldn't let my health suffer just because I might get pregnant. I admit I was looking at it as a waste of time and thinking it would be better to wait until I am done having babies, but that is just silly. I deserve to feel and look good now. Pregnancy and birth will probably be easier on my body if I'm in shape too. Plus, working out has an immediate effect on my mental health. On days that I work out, I am happier. I think good diet and regular exercise are really underrated treatments for bi-polar. I'll start doing weekly pictures and measurements starting tomorrow! Or Wednesday, since it's the first day of the challenge thingy. =)


Marisa Frank said…
True story, I started working out to lose all my extra baby weight that I kept packing on with each child. I finished a 90 day program was so proud of my results went shopping for new clothes. Then found out I was pregnant! But I will say that my last pregnancy was so much easier since I was in better shape and I continued with low impact exercise through out the entire 9 months. I find that I have more energy when I work out. I am excited to watch your progress during the 90 days. I am cheering you on!
YAY! Welcome to the work out club! Can't wait to watch your progress.

I am a member of a healthy lifestyle support group on FB. These ladies are FABULOUS motivators, supporters and non judgmental what so ever! They are even there for non related fitness things.

If you'd like to join this amazing group of women let me know!
I agree, working out does improve one's mental disposition. I know I need to exercise more too. Good luck on your workout program :)
momto8 said…
you can exercise pregnant!! I workedout on the day each of my 8 babies were BORN! do it..you will be happy you did!!
Lindsay said…
That's great! Good for you!!

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