I've Got That Boom Boom

Sorry, Britney just came on my playlist. So anyway, we got up this morning (yeah, I got up in the AM hours, whaaat) and went to Wal-mart to cash my check (I did a little side job for my cousin). Turns out I forgot my ID so we couldn't, so we bought Kaylee some toys instead with a gift card she got for Christmas. She picked out some dinosaurs, of course, but since she has a drawer full of those, I told her to pick out something else. So she got a princess camera. I also got her a book. It's super cute, something about "The Night You Were Born," I bet it will make me cry. So then Steven dropped us off at home because he had to go to work. I went next door and got my mom to take me to cash my check, and this time I brought my purse, like a normal female would always do no matter what whenever they left the house. So yeah, cashed my check, after having to call my grandma because I forgot my social, and who knew they'd need that, wtf? And she said to tell my mom to call her ASAP, that it was an emergency, and wouldn't tell me what it was about. But yeah, going to Wal-mart twice in one day made me feel kind of trashy, but it was nothing compared to on the way out, this guy was checking me out and waved to me. Tried to talk to me but I just smiled and walked faster and left. So then Mom was like, ok now my turn to go in (she had to wait in the car while I cashed the check cuz Kaylee had fallen asleep), and I was like no way. I have a rule about her going out of my sight, because she has a tendency to disappear for hours. But she said we really need dog bones, so I told her she had 10 minutes. She does well with time limits, she sees it as a challenge. So she comes out with $50 worth of dog bones and a Frappucino which she shared with me so that was awesome. But I did have to stand on the bumper of the car and wave her down when she came out because she completely forgot where the car was. Anyway, then we went to the library and on the way my phone was dying and my grandma called me and my mother about 3 times each, freaking the heck out about the fact that my brother (who's 19 and lives with her) forgot his phone when he left for work. She was literally panicking, I'm still not exactly sure why, but she said we needed to get in touch with Harry (my brother) right away and tell him he forgot his phone. We got home and I left my mom to deal with that situation. He just got a new job at Banana Republic and we don't have the phone number for there. I'm so just gonna chill the rest of the day, probably go outside and let Kaylee ride her trike for a while because it's like summer outside right now. Nearly 70 degrees in the middle of winter, how weird is that. Well, have a good weekend everybody!! Let's hope the rest of it is relaxing. =)


Beautiful Mess said…
Oh the great adventures of Wal-Mart!

I only take my purse to work with me. Other than that I usually just pop my license and debit card in my pocket. I've never been purse girl.

Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!
Lindsay said…
You're so lucky to have that beautiful weather. Winter hasn't been so bad this year.
Chris said…
Hi Camille, sounds like you had a really crazy day, but that's real life for you. I walked to the Mall a couple of weeks ago and half way there I realized I had forgotten my purse which, of course, contained everything I would need, so had to walk all the way back and then start out all over again which isn't easy for an old lady like myself, LOL I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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