New Year's!

So, I coulda sworn I did a New Year's Post... I definitely planned one in my head... But it turns out, I didn't, from what I can see. Lol, I'm finally losing it! Or did that happen long ago. o_o So yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S, EVERYONE! What are your resolutions?? Mine is um... to not let things stress me out! Trust me, it's a really great resolution for me.

Family pic on New Year's Eve. =)
Yes, Erin the elephant is an important part of this family!

A couple piccy. <3

Us being silly. =P

New Year's party with my family hahah.

Uh oh, Grandma's drinking my Mike's Hard! xD

I could not get a freaking family pic, lol.
A wonderful pic of me, Kaylee, my cousin Gavin, and Grandma.

Uh oh, I think Grandma's hitting on Dave, must be the Mike's Hard. XDD

My cousin Bev and Grandma.

Steven (my husband) and Stephen (Bev's boyfriend) lol.

We all decided to draw a rough family tree... FYI: Family trees should NOT have diamonds! Hahahah. If you can't tell what it all means, basically, my Grandma and Grandpa are first cousins. xP

The end of the night couple picture....... XD It was a fun night.


Yee Family said…
Happy New Years! My resolution is like yours, less stress. Easier said than done I'm sure haha. Wish you all the best this year!
Breena said…
What lovely photos! I'd love for you to share this at my "Life is About..." blog hop going on now at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!

p.s. - I'm your new GFC follower :)

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