Potty Training and Other Stuff

So I'd just like to announce that Kaylee has been in underwear for 3 days now... No accidents in the car, at school, at home, or even in bed at night! I was reluctant to take the leap and trust her in underwear because I am lazy and don't like cleaning up pee. But I should have done this earlier. She's been ready. Her teachers have been nagging me to and they were excited when we told them she was coming in underwear lol. I kept thinking I was being nice to them and giving them less work to do but guess not.

Ok I read this blog post last night and I was laughing harder than I have in like years. I read it again this morning because I left it up and it was almost as funny. I forced my husband to read it and told him I want him to say things like that to me regularly next time I got pregnant. He thinks I'm insane. But that's nothing new. =)

My baby girl is turning 3 in a week. I'm in very very deep denial. I literally don't believe it!!


YAY! Congrats on big girl panties and NO accidents!
Jenny said…
My son just turned 2 this December and I'm still in denial! LOL! We started potty training this month. FUN FUN!

Following you from the blog hop!

*And I LOVE your chichilla!!!!!!
Jenny said…
sorry I meant *chinchilla* ha ha!! She is cute!
Lynnie said…
After three girls...cold turkey potty training was the only thing that worked for two of them. The 3rd girlie just decided to pee the bed until she was 6! My advice....stop at two! :)
Lindsay said…
Yay, congrats to your baby girl!! That's such exciting news!! :)
Cathenia said…
OMG that was one of the funniest things I have come across in awhile. Congrats to your little girl. I have a 2 1/2 year old and I really need to start potty training with him.

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