"What I'm really thinking: the bottle-feeding mother"

I just read this article today.

I know a lot of breastfeeding moms are reading it thinking, oh no she didn't! How can she say those things, I love breastfeeding, and she has to sterilize nipples and heat formula and all kinds of other crap, yada yada yada. But here is what I got from it.

Both formula feeding and breastfeeding mothers feel judged. We all feel uncomfortable, at times, to feed our babies in public. A formula feeding mom and a breastfeeding mom can not have lunch together and just whip out their boob and bottle and relax as they feed their kid. And that is sad.

Who are we to judge why other mothers feed their babies the way they do. We have enough to worry about taking care of our own kids. Let's just focus on them and let other mothers focus on their kids. Let's all accept each other and realize that we can not possibly understand what it's like to be someone else and live their life.

I am just sooo tired of the mommy wars. Holla if ya feel me!


Beautiful Mess said…
I think blogs need a "LIKE" button!
Amber said…
I couldn't agree more.
Malika Bourne said…
Camille, you said it so well, that I posted you rlink to my blog for the next week.
I want to declare a moretorium on judging other mommies and the chronic COMPEITION to arguing about being the BEST!
would we judge each other about the color of shirt we can wear as a mommy? No. I hope we can start a disscusion on being sensitive to others needs . W
Who is GAME?
Malika the No Non-cents Nanna
breatfeeding vs bottle feeding, working vs stay at home. It's true we're all at war with each other. It's already hard enough taking parental advice from people with no kids and two cats, who act like it the "same thing". Great post. :)
Malika Bourne said…
No more mommy wars! Wonderful post. Be proud of the final summary. It is the best.
I have been thing about this subject.Way back when I think the reasoning came about "bonding' had to with the fact taht for a while bottles were being propped. Definetley can not bond with a rolled up blanket proping a bottle.

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