Yay, My Blog Is Back!

Apparently, I commented on another blog too quickly after I commented one blog, and my Google account was banned by their bots! But luckily, it has been resolved. Hooray for that! It's almost 3am here so I'm about to go to bed in a minute. I hope everyone had a better Friday than me and I hope everyone INCLUDING ME has a good weekend!! I didn't have this blog earlier to write in so I wrote in my LiveJournal. I guess I'll paste what I wrote there into here.

I don't really believe in Friday the 13th bringing bad luck or any superstitions in general. I didn't even know it was the 13th today until my husband just told me 1 minute ago. But I will say that today was an awful day.

My Google account was blocked yesterday and the issue was supposed to be resolved by this morning but it still isn't. So my blog is gone and I don't have a G+ anymore. Who knows when it will finally be resolved.

Then I had a fight with my friend, which isn't too surprising. I had just given the friendship another shot, which I have done countless times. It always ends the same way, although this was the worst time. He and his friend were annoying me so I said I would just talk to them later and I got offline. He texted me soon after, wanting to resolve it, and I told him I didn't want to be friends anymore. I told him I wasn't enjoying the friendship and I just didn't want to try to make it work anymore. I've been trying to make it work for literally years and we always fight. So he basically insulted me for the next half an hour or so in every which way he possibly could. He said I was unbalanced, immature, and I can't even remember all the things he called me. He even went so far as to tell me I had a loveless marriage and a broken family. I never said anything mean back. He ended his rant with cussing me out and calling me names and then left. So, that was great.

So then my OTHER friend texts me and says he's through with our friendship. I don't know what the heck is up with him. I really have no idea what's going through his mind because his 3-text long friendship-breakup made absolutely no sense. But then again, he does drugs, so what can you expect.

Then my grandma calls me and starts ranting about how I haven't called her lately and I was so stressed, I couldn't take it. After 15 minutes of her being angry with me, I couldn't handle it anymore and I hung up. She called me 20 times after that but I couldn't bring myself to answer.

Aaand I just had to clean out my dog's crate. He was diagnosed with tapeworms today so I gave him his medicine and he threw it up, along with his dinner and a bunch of stomach acid. So it took me a while to clean his create because it was all over the blanket, which is chewed up into this horrible mess, and then underneath it turns out he chewed up the bottom of the crate which is a plastic sheet/tray. I filled 3 trash bags before I was done. My allergies are going crazy now.

So yeah, I'm in a pretty bad mood. It's 18 minutes past midnight here so I'm hoping that means whatever bad luck today brought me is gone now. On the bright side, 2 friends who cause me stress are out of my life, and I'm sure my grandma will forgive me if I apologize and tell her what a bad day I had. And I did get a reminder that 2 of my other friends and my husband are always there for me to try and cheer me up when I'm down.


Good to have you back! Commented to quickly? Now you have a story to tell ;)
Beautiful Mess said…
So glad your back!

I'm sorry your Friday sucked, but at least it's over!

I know we don't know each other but you can always vent to me if ya want/need.

Good for you on ending bad friendships. It can suck at first but it's so much better in the end.
Also I'm sure G-ma will understand.

Hope your weekend gets better!
It was Friday the 13th yesterday?
Have a great weekend!
Amber said…
This is why I use wordpress. :) Google owns way to much stuff in the universe. :)

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