I rediscovered some playlists I had on I've been listening to them and it's like going back in time to like 5 years ago, when I made them...

I'm happy to report that I went to the gym yesterday and figured the registration problem out, and I went and worked out this morning. Well, I did some cardio on the stair stepping thingy and then a yoga class.

Other than that, I'm really tired and cranky... It's that time of the month. x_x Aaand instead of going into detail about that, I will just share some cute pictures. ^^;

She looked like a puppy who wanted to be adopted lol.

She didn't want to use her gift card, she just wanted to keep it.

That is a bowl of homemade whipped cream. :)


I think she's doing duck face. xD


It's good you were able to workout. I know I need to do so too. I'm thinking of joining a Zumba class. Have you tried that?

Oh, your little princess looks so cute! Go and show that whipped cream no mercy!
amy@agoodlife said…
i love finding old playlists! it totally takes me back to that time/place where i loved those songs :)
Clairejustine said…
Good workouts,home made cream looks so yummy :)
Sü Smith said…
Ha! My partner calls me ducky sometimes as for some reason I guess I get a ducky look? Btw, we must be on the same moon time, lolol!

That whipped cream looks so yummy. I have not made the homemade kind in SOOO long! That's gotta be awesome for the kiddos...


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