Happy Luff Day :)

You put up with my weird obsessions and crazy mood swings.

You always make me feel better, even when I think I never will.

You spend all your time working or with your family.

When everything else feels uncertain, I know we are forever.

I love you, Steven! I could never ask for a better husband than you. 

I wrote this for Steven in the first year we were together. <3

Steven made me an Oragami box, and surprise, it opened into a rose! <3


Clairejustine said…
hope your having a lovely day :)
Cami said…
VERY cute post, name twin!! I love this :) Hope you 2 have a lovely time tonight!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life
Aaawwww... that is so sweet! Have a happy Valentine's day!
Mary Garcia said…
Wow, you are soo sweet. Happy Valentines day to both of you guys <333

Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥
Amber said…
I hope that you two had a nice day.
Kelly said…
Sweet! I enjoy following your blog & I appreciate you following me as well. Next week, like all non-Blogger blogs, I'll no longer have Google Friends Connect so I hope that you will stop by my blog and continue following me via Linky Followers. I just followed you through Linky Followers too!
My link is on my home page: http://www.savvysuburban.com
Thank you! Have a great weekend!
Lindsay said…
So sweet! Loved this.

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