Its Just One Of Those Days

Ugh. I know I should check my email, read some blogs, make some calls, run some errands, and work on my to do list. I just have no energy to do anything but hang out with Kaylee. So I'm just going to put off everything until tomorrow and not feel bad about it for once. Guilt just fuels the depression anyway.

I'm so grateful for my Kaylee girl. Even when everything is falling apart, she brings me joy. And even when I feel like a failure, I know that at the very least, I am good at being a mommy.


First of all, you are NOT a failure! Your a very beautiful, sweet, caring woman. It's okay to be unmotivated, everyone has those days. Good for you for not beating yourself up about taking a day off to play with your adorable little girl.

Secondly... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog design! It is so stinking cute!!! Intro button is my fave. Did you design it?

Hope you have a wonderful evening friend!
Cami said…
HUGS. I hope everything is okay!!! I'm always here if you need to talk, name twin!!

Here's to TODAY being a better day! ox
Sü Smith said…
Aww, no way chika - I cannot tell you how many times I *worked* and worked and worked and worked and did not leave enough time out to spend with my son. I so regret it. It's NOT worth it. You definitely are making good choices. Kudos for being an awesome mommy!!

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