Just Another Tuesday...

Aries hurt himself again. :(

This dog does not feel pain. He keeps digging and running his paws to bleeding.

It's hard to take a picture of him because he's always trying into my crawl in my lap. Hello, you're a Pit Bull not a lap dog lol!

Molly's like "Aries, you may be injured, but don't think you can steal my bone!"

Little Lynnie is settling in nicely. She doesn't mind being held now. :)

My sweaty, tired self after my work out last night! I've been working out every day and eating right, I'm pretty proud of myself!!

In other news... I think today was Kaylee's last day of school. She's been absolutely horrible there. Hitting, biting, not listening, etc. They think there is something radically wrong with her or something, and I was in complete disbelief until today I went there myself and saw how she acted. She was not herself at all. We are thinking about trying a Montessori school instead, or just waiting until next year. I do want the free time to practice driving and get other stuff done, but not at the expense of her happiness. And I really do like the school. I mean it's considered one of the best, it's The Goddard School. But I guess it's not a great fit for us, at least not right now.


Amber said…
Poor Puppy Dog. :(
Tigertamer said…
thanks for stopping by ;)
I know what you mean about Aries being a "lapdog" I have a boxer and a weimerarner and both think they are lapdogs..and both way over 50+ lbs

Sü Smith said…
My son was lucky enough to go to Montessori school for his pre-school and kindergarten years. There are so many fundamental things that he has carried with him from going to Montessori, like sweeping for instance! :p Seriously though, it was super good for him energetically in sooo many ways.

Btw, your doggies are sweet and your hamster too!

Oh my I nursed in public ALL the time. It was so funny when someone would get all weird about it. I mean what the heck, it's (ha like you said) NORMAL. Don't you think they should be a bit more offended with the sight of formula? Our society is so a**backwards. It does seem that some people are starting to wake up though.
Tammy H. said…
Hi there! I found your blog on voiceboks and thought I'd stop by to check it out! I followed via GFC and Linky and I was
wondering if you would follow me back on GFC or Linky, or even both! LOL Thanks!

Hi Camille, thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower. I'm following back on GFC and Linky also. You are such a good mommy, putting your little ones needs first. My youngest started acting up the same way because I had to change his school after the first month; we had moved. He was very shy and couldn't adjust to the change. I ended up keeping him home for another year and teaching him myself and he was much better when he started kindergarten the next year. Your Molly is so cute and looks so much like my Sheba I had. Makes me miss my girl.
Hi Camille, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. No I'm not currently selling any of my crochet/knitting projects but considering it by this fall.
My Sheba was part jack russell terrier, long-haired daschund, and long-haired chihuahua. She looked just like a corgy with long legs. : )

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