Why am I a crazy hippie activist weirdo who breastfeeds in public and posts breastfeeding pics? Well, let me break it down for you.

Breastfeeding in public > normalizing breastfeeding > raising breastfeeding rates.

Basically, I feel as if this is a small way I can help NORMALIZE breastfeeding. That is something that is important to me and I think we should always actively stand up for what we believe in!

I explain it more in depth here: Breastfeeding in Public o_o

Emma Kwasnica explains it better than I can in this post: Why SEEING breastfeeding on Facebook, and in real life, is important

If you feel the same way, feel free to grab a NIP button and link-up your blog HERE. :)


LOL! The article just seems so vital in today's world of mommies :)
Colleen said…
AWESOME! I believe the same and proudly nurse my kids in public <3
I found you through the tuesday hop! I'm really loving your blog!

~Mama Pants

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