Wordless Wednesday!

Steven made me an Oragami box, and surprise, it opened into a rose! <3

I guess I won't be sitting on the couch lol!

On the train at the mall.

Looking out the window. It just looks like she's pointing at a random man but she's really not hahahah.

Baby shampoo makes my hair pretty.

I'ma monstah!


Mamaw Bee said…
I'm your new follower. Love your blog. The oragami rose is brilliant and yes baby shampoo does make your hair very pretty. You have a very beautiful family.
Sunray Gardens said…
Following back on linky and G+. Thanks for coming by.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Just wanted to say thank you for joining our Welcome Wednesday blog hop! We hope to see you stop by weekly and even maybe enter some of our giveaways and check out our freebies & deals! We are so happy to be new followers of your blog and can't wait to come back! You are more than welcome to grab our special Welcome Wednesday button which will link you directly to our hop each week & that also helps spread the word about our great event!

Kristin & Jaime
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Heather said…
An oragomi box that opens into a rose? How cool!!

I am following you on Linky!
TToria said…
The rose is awesome. Fab pictures.
Happy WW :-)

TToria @ ttoria.blogspot.com
Rina said…
Rose origami! how sweet!! Cheers to both of you :)
Amber said…
That is so cool that he could make something like that. Awesome stuff.
Counting by 4 said…
New follower from Welcome Wednesday! Love the blog!!!
Sarah said…
Cute photos. Love that rose.
Carli Alice said…
What great pics! Yeah, that's pretty much my couch.

I'm a new GFC follower from It's Hump Day! Blog Hop!
Jellybelly said…
Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday bloghop! I love the origami rose :)
Tigertamer said…
I am a new follower :) love your blog
and the origami rose is awesome!!!

Tigertamer said…
Thanks for stopping by :)

Lori said…
I'm glad I found your blog. I'm now following on GFC and LF. I would love if you stopped by and followed back so we can stay connected. See ya around, Lori
momto8 said…
fun pictures all around! the orgami is really cool!! and the couch comment is pretty funny!
Lindsay said…
what a pretty rose!
Ada said…
You have such a cute family!

Also stopping by from the blog hop & am following you via GFC & Google+. Please stop by when you get a chance & have a good night!
Erin said…
Hi! I really enjoyed your post. I am your newest GFC follower. I hope that you can follow me too. Thanks http://www.coolchicreviews.blogspot.com/

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