4 Months

Kaylee’s growing up so fast. She's a little older than 4 months old now! She’s sitting up, using her hands as support. She’s trying really hard to crawl, but somehow manages to scoot backwards on her tummy instead of forwards most of the time. XD She’s trying to eat everything she can get her hands on so I have to watch her. She can’t really eat solids yet, but she can taste fruits and vegetables. It’s so funny how she makes a big mess out of the tiniest bite. But in some way, I’m kind of sad that she’s growing up and isn’t living completely dependently on my milk anymore. I didn’t realize how quickly the newborn stage would go by.

Measurements: 13 pounds 5 ounces and 25 inches.


Harley Cocks said…
Looking at this your daughters look identical - I can see it now!

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