Photo Dump / Easter Prep :)

A girl and her dog. :)

This pic makes Molly look tiny and Aries look huge! She actually weighs more lol.


Hugs for Geegee.



Playing with her new cash register from Geegee.

Scanning a tomato. She's very focused on us paying her for the food lol.

Kaylee and Mommy. :)

Jumping in a puddle.

The best things in life are free!

A kid can seriously have a zillion toys but nothing tops puddles and cardboard boxes.

I came in and she was sleeping like this, aww.

She picked out her Easter dress this year. Yes, it has frogs on it. Not very Easter-y but oh well.

Bunnies we're giving her on Easter. :)

More Easter stuff. (Yes, I realize I'm obsessed, and the kicker is I'm Jewish. :P)

The hiding spot! She'll never find it here. :D

The sad part is, while we were shopping, she'd want to look at everything and I'd say, "No, that's for Easter," and wouldn't let her see it. She was getting more and more upset until she finally shouted, "Why are you giving everything to Easter?! Why does he get all the presents?!" I explained it to her and I think she gets the concept now lol.

Let me know if you wanna swap blog buttons! :D


Hi Camille

I think the dress is very Eastery with all the beautiful colours. Your daughter is going to look so cute. I love the story at the end.

Thanks for visiting my little blog project and commenting - you will get to gardening when the kids are in school and there's more time. Just buy a couple of planters filled with colour and that will add some cheer to your surroundings.
Theresa said…
Looks like one little girl is going to wake up very happy on Easter! I love the dress. Who says frogs can't be for Easter?
Such cute pictures Camille. I love the one of her sleeping. So cute! I love her little Easter dress. I bet she is going to look like a doll in it.
Lindsay said…
Aww look at all those Easter goodies!! Yummy!
Chantel said…
Last year we hung one of the boys baskets from the shower head with a hanger--we totally had to start giving hints as he was about to freak! lol

Oh my, parenting is such fun! (and I agree, frogs are very spring in my book)
momto8 said…
ha now she get it
fun pics!
Brandi Yee said…
Aww love all the pics, and she's going to love her Easter basket!! I know I would! hehe. Love her Easter dress, frogs and all ;) I already have your button in my blogs section! :) Have a great day Camille!

Butterbean Row said…
I love the froggy dress...I think it is perfect for spring and Easter.
You have a beautiful family.
Have a wonderful week, Camille!


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