Kaylee went to bed at 8 last night, woke up at 9 this morning, and had a 2 hour nap at 11am today. And the prune juice took a few days to do anything but now she seems to be pooping better (sorry tmi) and eating more! So yeah. Life is pretty awesome. =) Now if I could just get rid of this lingering cough!

And now for another photo dump. =D

Duck pond. :)

On our walk.

Watching Kaylee in the playground (dogs aren't allowed in).

Sleepy Prissy.

So cute!

Watching tv.

Molly got camera shy. xD

Caribou Lou! =P

Trying on Daddy's new helmet.

Brushing Daddy's hair hahah.

She sure has a unique sense of style.

They're both laying/sitting on me lol.

Her hair is getting long. <3

Bored? xD

What can I say, she really loves her boots.

A lovely spider in the laundry room. xP


Love your pictures and that spider pic sure is scary :( but I love family pics; thanks for sharing.
OH EM GEEEE! I think I love you even more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Caribou Lou's! I didn't think anyone outside of my friends knew about them!

Great pics. Her hair is getting long, love the curls. :)
Brandi Yee said…
I was enjoying your great pics until I got the last one!! EEEK!! Ewwww...why do laundry rooms always have the freakiest spiders? lol. Glad to hear your little on is pooping better and eating. I know how stressful that is for a mom when they're not pooping or eating right lol.
Amber said…
For a second I thought that she had clippers fixing to cut her Dad's hair. ;) Our Female Chinchilla is pregnant again. To bad you don't live closer. You could get another little play mate. ;)
Shannon Stubbs said…
Great pictures....except that spider one.

New GFC follower from make my morning hop.
I LOVE dogs but if I had one, it couldn't be on my couch! I'm allergice :-( I have a cat though and she gets on my last nerve. She jumps on the couch when my son is there alone. Thinks she's slick too. I'm allergic to cats too. LOL I know you're probably like umm why do you have one? Simply. She's an employee LOL keeps mice away.

Feel better :-)
Posh said…
We've all had the prune dilemma. Loved your photos.
Stopping by from Tuesday Friend and Follow.
Have a great day!
He he!! I love all your photos! Especially the one with your daughter and the stylish shades!!:)

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