There are many signs of spring around the yard, and they may be mostly weeds and stuff, but I think they are beautiful. :) To me, Spring means hope, and I feel alive again once I can tramp around outside in bare feet and feel a warm breeze on my skin. I'm happy that Kaylee shares my love of being outside and that we can just walk around the yard for hours and be content. She suggested I take a picture of the pine cone. She is so adorable. <3


Shelley said…
Found your blog through Mingle Monday. We've been enjoying all the signs of spring around here too. I love it! Makes me itch to get going on our garden.
♥Priiincesss said…
Hey Crazy Mama, cute name :) Just stopping by to say hi and thank you for stopping by my blog and for linking!!

Rina said…
oh wow! those are beautiful!...we stay in a desert country, so colorful flowers are rare :(
Michelle said…
Great pictures! I love spring, too! So cute that she wanted a picture of the pine cone. Kids are so funny about what they take pictures of. Give her a camera one time. . . Hope you have a great week!
Sue said…
Great pictures! so pretty - I love outdoors too. Happy Spring!
sazamom said…
I have been enjoying all the signs of spring also. Makes me itch to get going on our garden. New follower.
Brandi Yee said…
Love all those pictures!! Such a cheerful post that's perfect for spring :) I love all the spring flowers too...makes you feel all warm and positive doesn't it? :)

Mel said…
I love your blog. Very beautiful pictures. Stopping by and following you from the Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop.

Posh said…
I can't believe there are dandelions already. Yikes!

Stopping by from Tuesday Friend and Follow to say hello.
Have a great day!
Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday!
Vicky said…
Hey...found you through Welcome Wednesday! LOVE all the Springtime pics! I'm in Alabama and this week has brought us LOTS and LOTS of new buds! I joined your blog!

Come see me anytime!

sleeping in an unmade bed
Cassie W said…
Love spring! New follower stopping by from Tuesday Friend and Follow. Now following on GFC, Linky, Networked Blogs, twitter (@ChasingWolfPack) and facebook (
New follower from the hop!

Hi, I'm stopping by from Welcome Wednesday. Loved your description on the host's blogs. Happy to follow someone who stays in their pj's unless going out of the house...I can so relate to that!

Theresa said…
Spring is my favorite season. I just love how all the colors pop and everything seems to be coming alive. Great pictures!
Amber said…
Love these photos! Found your blog and started following through the Welcome Wednesday hop!
Hi Im a new follower from the blog hop. I really enjoyed your pictures they are so full of colour and beautiful. If you have time i would love you to visit me at my blog in the uk
Mel S said…
Some of your flower pictures came out really nice! :)

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