Fur Baby Friday

I really did not get any great shots of my fur babies this week, but I got some pretty amusing ones!

People don't know how hard it is to get a simple pic of them just sitting together!

Most of them turn out like this.

Molly is begging Steven, who's sitting on the couch, to save her from this photo shoot torture.

Molly giving me The Look.

Molly getting more desperate for Steven to rescue her.

They never seem to learn that they're not allowed on the couch!

Hard to take pictures of a dog who's main goal in life is to lick my face.

Molly left. >_>

I give up. On the pictures thing AND the couch thing lol.

Lynnie climbs up the side of her cage lol.

Spider Hamster!

She was chillin when I came in, and she put her paw on the cage to beg me for a raisin.

Isn't she cute? ^_^

((Let me know if you wanna trade blog buttons! =D))


Ai Sakura said…
Aww they are so adorable! And seem rather friendly too :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
Brenda Lee said…
Awww! Your babies are gorgeous!! Now a subscriber! :)
Chantel said…
Spider Hamster--HA!
Amber said…
Adorable. I actually got a good one this week of our three chinchilla's. I was shocked. Normally they go hiding when I bring the camera. But it was a pretty good little family photo.
SOF said…
So cute! I want a hamster as a pet but they're illegal over here:(!
SOF said…
So cute! I want a hamster as a pet but they're illegal over here:(!
Nothing like trying to get the animals to pay attention. Cute photos.
You have a ton of cute animals! I love hamsters I used to have them when I was younger.

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