I Am Sad Right Now

Kaylee has not nursed in 2 days. I am very ready to wean but at the same time... I'm very sad about it. Something died, and although it had a good long life and it was ready to go, I am mourning.

I may lose another tooth and this one is my very front top tooth. I've lost so many teeth already and seriously, this is getting depressing. I'm only 24 and I don't wanna be toothless!

We are so broke right now, and it's by my own choice. I just really wanted to pay my grandma back for the money she has lent me for all my dental work. How I'm going to pay for the new work that I have to get done, I don't even know yet.

There's other stuff going on that I can't / don't want to talk about. But I can assure you, it sucks too.

You may have noticed that all I want to do is complain today. I know it's not like me at all but I think I have major PMS. Either that or I'm pregnant but I won't even get into that right now. And reading this later, I'm sure I'm gonna feel like such a drama queen but I don't care.

Everything sucks. And it's really nice to just get that off my chest and be real. No, I am NOT always Miss Positivity (and no spellcheck, it is NOT spelled positiveness!) I think I do know that everything will be ok but sometimes you just have to get everything out and vent, you know? And I think I do feel a little better after typing all that out. Better enough to end the post with a little humor, anyway.

My period will now be known as "Shark Week."


RaeBeth said…
I completely understand about the dental problems. But I assure you, being 24 and toothless... isn't as bad as all the bad teeth I had in my mouth. I am so much more healthy than what I was before. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with it any longer. I pray you find relief in whatever decisions you make and for those unknown problems.

Oh and just a little suggestion, perhaps making the font on your page a tad bit darker would help with reading it. I have a really hard time seeing it.

Have a wonderful day. *hugs*
Ashley said…
I hate being broke too but we finally paid my parents back from buying their truck off them. It is nice to have that debt out of the way.
I was happy when my baby weaned herself, yet sad. I still miss the quiet moments alone with her.
New End Studio said…
Camille, it sounds like the universe is piling it all on at once, that's because you're going to come through this strong. (((Big hugs)))
Mamaw Bee said…
Hugs, blessings and prayers winging there way to you. Hope everything gets better soon. And feel free to vent any time. Women feel so much better when they clear thier mind.
rebecca said…
:( I'm so sorry everything feels like the world is crashing down. I've had those days too. More then I want to admit. I really hope everything works out and the stress and worry is lifted. I don't think you sound like a drama queen. Blogging is all for bitching! I say let it all out girl. And big hugs
Colleen said…
Weaning is so hard on the mama! Your hormones go almost as wonky (and for some women MORE wonky) than they do right after birth. It's totally normal. Hang in there mama. I hope tomorrow is a better day ((((hugs)))
I guess sometimes, it just feels like the whole world is conspiring against you. That too shall pass. Stay strong.

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